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Maybe repenting and being a pure ol' Daily mail reader will save our lives?

Dear ghods, what a bigoted, STUPID bitch.

And that's the kindest way to describe this creature!

so, what - Kevin McGee's suicide, and Steven Gateley's untimely death from natural causes mean that all homosexuals are "like George Michael" and civil unions are not like hetro marriages? Seeing as yesterday their headline was 'why do so many marriages end up in the murder courts' maybe that's a good thing - dear Christ, what is wrong with these people??

But but but you see they're GAY and have both DIED so clearly that's what we should believe! Can't you see the logical connection?

Well logical leap?

Uhhh illogical leap?

Um, completely mystifying and boggling plummet that is not even remotely related to reality?

Personally I want to drug test them. It's the ONLY explanation

Apparently the article has made the Press Complaint's Commission system crash ...

The Guardian's also reporting on the furore. So far most of the comments indicate absolute disgust - even on the Daily Mail site. In fact one of the few ones that doesn't indicates that the writer's not read anything about Mr Gateley's death; saying he'd put money on drogs being involved.

< Sigh >

Still the reaction is making me feel slightly better about humanity.

I joined the masses complaining and the site was down for a long time. M&S also demanded their adverts be removed. Oh there was a storm of fury on this one - very heartening to see.

Have you caught her reply about the public outrage?
"In what is clearly a heavily orchestrated internet campaign I think it is mischievous in the extreme to suggest that my article has homophobic and bigoted undertones."

Undertones? Undertones?!

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I read that and gaped. Her only weay to save this was a gfrovelling apology

I'm with Stephen Fry - UNDERTONES?

What undertones?! It's blatant and hit-you-in-the-face OBVIOUS for crying out loud! Saying her article has undertones of homophobia is like saying the Bible has undertones of Christianity!

I can only imagine what this idiot would have made of a high school classmate of mine, who keeled over dead at age 19 of a congenital heart condition. Clearly he must have had some nasty little secret as well.

Clearly since Not!Dr. Moir knows that young people don't die like that! He must have been gay or have some other sleaziness...

Gods she makes my skin crawl

Not to try to restore your faith in humanity (desire for profit yes, just doing the right thing, meh) but Marks & Sparks (among others)have asked to have their ads pulled from this mess, at least according to The Guardian:


Isn't Stephen Fry just the coolest?

On the whole I'll admit I don't at this point care if people learn to do the right thing or learn to fake thinking/doing the right thing otherwise they'll lose money/jobs/their humanity membership card. Just do the right thing once in awhile.

My faith in humanity could always do with building up

The response to the article was heartening. So many people outraged, so much quick, vibrant action was wonderful to see

And Stephen Fry rocked like a rocking thing

It'd be nicely unique to see the right thing once in a while!

there are a colelction of great satires of the whole thing out there :) makes me smile

I just can't come up with a coherent response to this. Luckily Charlie Brooker has done it for me in the Gaurdian.

His response was bang on. It was one of those articles where you can just say "this" because it summed it up perfectly

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