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I'm afraid there has to be a war
So, today was our traditional Friday collaborative dinner.

When Beloved and I cook together and find something huge and complicated, usually with 9 courses of fiddly feasting, with enough food to feed a regiment and people within 3 counties stacking up sand bags and checking the fire extinguishers.

Because it is fun and we both get off from work early (well, officially I don't. But the whole legal profession shuts down in this city on Friday afternoon. You want a quick legal decision? Schedule Friday afternoon - guilty, not guilty - we'll flip a coin, damn it. We wanna go home!). And if we drink all the "cooking wine" (and yes, we do need 4 bottles of wine to cook with. And the cider. And the spirits. And definitely the ale. Yes yes we do) and it doesn't matter if it all goes wrong and we don't end up eating until 11:00 and if worst comes to worst the takeaways are open late.

And we have the fire brigade on speed dial (see? fully prepared). It also leaves us all Saturday to rebuild decontaminate exorcise clean the kitchen.

So all was going swimmingly, there had been NO FIRES AT ALL!! (shock!) when I spotted it. A cup. By the kettle.

It had tea in it.

Beloved had a cup of tea and HAD NOT MADE ME ONE!

Beloved made some noises about it having been made before I got home (which means... gather yourselves dear people for the news is traumatic - that he has LET IT GET COLD. He has WASTED TEA! A thousand British ancestors scream in outrage. Well, tut in an irritated fashion in outrage. Possibly with an exclaimed "well I never!")

So Beloved stands accused of the dual crimes of a) making a hot beverage without making me one and b) allowing said beverage to go cold - with the most severe aggravating factor of it being tea.

Naturally, I have declared war. As is fitting and reasonable.

So I has plottin' to do

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{laughs} Thank you. This post is wonderful.


In addition, are you aware that your tags for this blog read:

beloved, i substitute your reality and insert my, tea!


Soudns delightfully kinky really

Randomness is fun and random. Very very random :)

So "iced tea" is both a declaration of war and deepest obscenity?

Not only that but those words are a dire obscenity!

Then one of these days I shall have to have properly-made tea. In the meantime, I'm hiding my iced tea from you ;)

I should think so! The children may see it

I'm the designated tea-maker of the house, so this is especially amusing.

I need a tea-maker.

We must have a tea-making gnome!

You'd have loved the place I was in today - they make the finest blended Sri Lankan tea and freshly roasted Columbian coffee. Delicious aromas - and I very rarely drink either. I did today!

Beloved has indeed committed sacrilige - unless it was floor sweepings (aka Tetley).

With those scents anyone would indulge!

*shudder* I would not contaminate my house with such. The only bags we have (through unpleasant convenience) is Yorkshire Tea or Twinings

Yes, Beloved clearly needs to be punished. I eagerly await your revenge!

The battle was epic but I emerged victorious!

::laughs:: I'm drinking cold tea right now, but it's a bag, not Real Tea.

Cold tea - and cold fake tea

Oh dear lord, save this woman!

I have been saved! I made a pot of "English Breakfast" and drank responsibly.


And tea icons of the internet unite!

(Deleted comment)
On Friday - really they should know better! It's like, an international legal rule that there is NO LAW ON FRIDAY AFTERNOONS DAMN IT!

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