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{laughs} Thank you. This post is wonderful.


In addition, are you aware that your tags for this blog read:

beloved, i substitute your reality and insert my, tea!


Soudns delightfully kinky really

Randomness is fun and random. Very very random :)

So "iced tea" is both a declaration of war and deepest obscenity?

Not only that but those words are a dire obscenity!

Then one of these days I shall have to have properly-made tea. In the meantime, I'm hiding my iced tea from you ;)

I should think so! The children may see it

I'm the designated tea-maker of the house, so this is especially amusing.

I need a tea-maker.

We must have a tea-making gnome!

You'd have loved the place I was in today - they make the finest blended Sri Lankan tea and freshly roasted Columbian coffee. Delicious aromas - and I very rarely drink either. I did today!

Beloved has indeed committed sacrilige - unless it was floor sweepings (aka Tetley).

With those scents anyone would indulge!

*shudder* I would not contaminate my house with such. The only bags we have (through unpleasant convenience) is Yorkshire Tea or Twinings

Yes, Beloved clearly needs to be punished. I eagerly await your revenge!

The battle was epic but I emerged victorious!

::laughs:: I'm drinking cold tea right now, but it's a bag, not Real Tea.

Cold tea - and cold fake tea

Oh dear lord, save this woman!

I have been saved! I made a pot of "English Breakfast" and drank responsibly.


And tea icons of the internet unite!

(Deleted comment)
On Friday - really they should know better! It's like, an international legal rule that there is NO LAW ON FRIDAY AFTERNOONS DAMN IT!

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