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That's...really fucking awful. I'm sorry I don't have anything better to say.

This law plumbs the depths - it's genocide and it's being ignored. And countries are treating it as unimportant

Is it because it’s Africa? ... Is it because its homosexuals?

Of course it's because it's Africa. It's because Everybody Knows bad things happen in Africa. Everybody Knows there's always a War or a Famine or Pirates or some Dictator committing genocide. Everybody Knows the entire continent is one fucking tragedy after another. And of course it's because it's homosexuals, because Everybody Knows there can only be one African Tragedy(TM) in the news at any one time, and starving babies are sooo much more photogenic.

What? Me, cynical?

I hate to drop into the cynical side of things, but I have to agree. It's probably this. Bleurgh.

I think it being Africa makes up most of it - no-one gives a damn about Africa and hasn't for a long time. The horrors and dramas of Africa are passed by or treated as footnotes.

I do rather think if it were a law to commit genocide on, say, Christians or Muslims or Jews though, we would have heard more about it.

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But they're aware of the law. It's obviously and objectively evil. They do not need experts on it for the Obama Admin to say "hey, this is a BAD thing." At best it shows indifference. More likely it shows pandering to the religious right over GENOCIDE. At worst it shows sympathy. I don't buy he doesn't have the political capital for his government to release a statement condemning this - I really don't buy that that is beyond him and his government.

Definitely - western Christianity is most certainly a driving force behind this genocide. And the churches should be cast down in shame because of it - it's inexcusable and just further destroys even the vaguest claims they had to morality as if they ever had.

Oh my god, wow. Why *aren't* we doing something about this? Everyone should at least *know*. Something is more likely to happen that way...

Because it's Africa - and we know bad things happen there, so no-one cares.

Because the victims are gay - and there's a huge rich group of organisations (called organised religion) which is quite happy for us all to die and the powers that be would rather have a gay genocide than upset the churches.

Between Africa and homosexual victims there is little attention - even when the motivation for this sprang from western churches. The best we can do is spread the word and hope this travesty is not ignored

I suspect that the lack of coverage in North America has a lot to do with the fact that the bill is being backed by religious organization The Family, which has strong ties to many US senators as well as the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton - and so on.

I mean, not that I don't think the fact that it's Africa and it's queer people has anything to do with it - clearly those are significant factors in what amounts to a media blackout. But if not for the US political and religious involvement, I really do think there'd be more news coverage, even if it was from reactionary news sources that love to pull out the "Look how terrible people are in Africa! We'd never do something like this in the civilized West!" bullshit. But the US influence in Uganda makes our media nervous.

FWIW, I run these days in radical activist circles and everyone I know who is aware of it is horrified and outraged. But there are also people who just don't know about it - or anything about the political situation in Uganda, for that matter. Not that that is any excuse for apathy. But I think the solution is grassroots public education, not just about the bill, but about politics in Uganda and North American involvement as well.

That being said I have been meaning to write about this for a while myself, but have been super busy and tired. Thank you for this kick in the ass; I need to get on informing people, too.

Which would probably be a major reason why the US still hasn't officially condemaned it. The media is afraid of stepping on the wrong toes and the admin afriad of upsetting the religious types

Exactly - I run in activist cycles and am connected and people are spitting blood, they're furious. And then i casually mention "we're all raging about this Uganda thing" and the most common response i get is "what Uganda thing?" It's definitely a spread the word moment

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