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Know exactly how you felt. And same here, for similar reasons. Love is for other people, not the likes of me. Difference is, you're allowed to have it, just told by society that you're not. (Screw society.)

This is both heartbreaking and beautiful. I'm very glad you found your love. <3

Yay for lovey-dovey kink!

Oh honey. Honey, honey, honey.
I am so glad that you found Beloved/Beloved found you. I am so sorry that you thought it was impossible when you were younger.

I spent a lot of my younger years falling into relationships because I was convinced that I wasn't worthy of love and so I just kind of jumped in with anybody who said that they kinda liked me. Oh, younger self. I'm really glad I didn't end up infected, married, or pregnant from my early stupidities.

And then I met this guy that I really liked. Like heavens-parting-and-angels-singing-in-harmony-and-my-heart-was-going-pitter-pat really really liked. And then I discovered that the guy that I liked like me back. And then he forgot that I was wearing his padlocked wrist cuffs under my jacket and we had a goodbye makeout session before he left with the keys. And there was awkwardness and communication difficulties. And then I discovered that I was falling in love with this guy. And it was and is the best thing fucking ever.

Every person should give themselves that chance. Every person is worthy of love and every person should feel free to pursue love if they so desire.

Also, from everything you've posted, Beloved is absolutely adorable. I shall squee from afar.

Thank you

I look back on my younger self with the sasme cringing sadness

This has to be one of the most romantic things I have ever read. I'm so glad you and Beloved found each other. I love reading your stories of every day life together. Those tales always brighten my day and give me faith that my Beloved is out there somewhere too.

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I so want a t-shirt that says that :)

I love happy endings. :-)

I'm glad that you and beloved found each other, and I'm sorry that your path to happiness was so rocky. You made it, though, and that's what counts!

Thank you. And ayt it's what counts. I just hope that we can smooth the path down a little more for the others that want to walk it

*hugs Sparky*

Yay for finding Beloved :) Hug him from me, and tell him he owes you a hug from me, OK?

Thank you :) and there will be hugging

I understand perfectly <3 I went through the same thing when I came out (though, the female version also includes an expectation to shave my head and dress like a man and have interests in rabid feminism and women's rights... or maybe that was just what the lesbians in the GBLT support group at Uni were like *shrug*). And then I found Princess... and she's girlier than I am :D

*big hugs to you both*

:) I think it is a horrible path that is commonmly travelled.

hey, you forgot the power tools and the dungerees! mYeah i went there as well - I needed a feather boa and lots of glitter.

*hugs back*

I am straight so I didn't go through the loneliness of thinking, I could never have what others took for granted.

My choices, and they were choices, of lifestyle though made it highly unlikely for a good number of years, and then I met the most unlikely person to be my partner. This year we will have been married for thirty-five years.

I heartily agree, Love is by far the best of kinks:))

It is a great kink to have :)

Lovely Post Sparky! One of the most romantic posts I have ever read. Beautifully written. Glad you found beloved.

And this is why you and Beloved are my OTP.

All together now: D'awwwwwww.

Cuteness is our secret weapon!

*de-lurks* I loved this post. I've also been a fan of your writing in general, which I tend to see on Womanist Musings. Very beautifully written and great content.

As a straight person I can't truly identify with the struggle (though your words pulled all the right heart strings), but I do know what it's like to finally have deep emotions that are reciprocated. I hope your relationship continues to go down an awesome path.

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