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It makes me despair of humanity.

The problem is that many GBLT people do NEED therapy because of the utter crap faced from a very young age, but so many therapists will bring problems down to the GBLT nature. And it's really offputting knowing that a substantial proportion (and niot just the ex-gay fools) are going to attack our identity rather than help heal.

Gah, the hypocratic oath passed some people by methinks

Oh Noes do I have to fund "Ex-male" therapy after I deball them?

No I'm not there yet but when the cancer hits....

I think an axe would be more efficient and cheaper

Have added name to petition, sent off e-mails and harassed appropriate people.

And then, to add injury to insult, opened my pay slip and discovered the huge bite of tax that's been taken out of my Christmas overtime wages. Wonder how much of it funded this shite and other shite like it?


Thank you. They need poking with sticks to open their eyes

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