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The Tories are and always have been for rich, white, straight men. They're just very, very good at lying. Hence why I think David Cameron is so dangerous - he somehow manages to convince people that the Tory party has changed, when actually all they've done is prettied it up a bit.

I may disagree with much of what Labour does, and the SNP are far from perfect, but...so, so much better than the Tories. I'm already fearing the consequences them winning the election in however many months.

This is why I fear the Tories - they are good at lying. Unlike parties in, say, America which are very bad at hiding their vileness, the Tories are good at masking it and pretending. And I fear that a lot of GBLT people will be hurting themselves and believing the rhetoric.

I don't like Labour I would hate to have to vote for them - but they're head and shoulders about the Tories... gods I am beyond terrified of a Tory government.

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