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The Tories, yet again

Yet again the Tories would like us to know that they’re now all pro-gay. Yes, they keep trying and no, I ain’t buying.

They’ve pulled out gay Tory Nick Herbert (always ready to play gay friend for the homophobes) who, pocketing his 30 pieces of silver on the way, would like to tell us that the Tories have changed. Uh, rapidly.

See, the rapidly is needed because the Tories keep spewing homophobia all the damn time, so we’re not only expected to ignore the Tories’ grossly homophobic past – but their current homophobia as well. because they’ve changed – that was all so 5 minutes.. uh, 3 minutes ago.

I dearly hope most gay people don’t buy it. Tory homophobia is repeated and pervasive. I’ve pointed out before that the Tories have been staunch opponents of us on every front.  But they still try to convince us it didn’t happen. With empty apologies and meaningless speeches. Trying to make the hatred from the Tory party look like historical mistakes – the Tory party has changed, they say! That’s not us, they say.

But it is them. These aren’t the actions of Tories past.  We need to make this clear that these Tories, here, now, in parliament and in the shadow cabinet, were the ones who voted for these polices. THESE Tories were the ones who fought every damn piece of pro-gay legislation they could get their hands on.. Nearly a third of the current Tory Shadow Cabinet has voted against gay rights legislation. They can’t blame the homophobic “history” of the Tory party on Tories of the past – they are still there and still in positions of power. We have to remember that David Cameron himself voted against repealing section 28

From section 28, to gay adoption, to gay marriage (which Cameron still opposes for all his pretty words about equal partnerships he still) to anti-discrimination laws to hate crime laws, to equalising the age of consent – every step of the way the Tories have opposed us – THESE Tories have opposed us. And the difference between them and Labour is dramatic I have a lot of issues with the Labour government, but their record is head and shoulders above the Tories.

And above all let us remember that THEY haven’t changed. Not only is it the same people – they’re holding onto the same hatred. The Tories are still allied to the grossly homophopbic PiS party in their new EU block. Cameron responds to the criticism by telling gay people that they’re not homophobic. Thank you, your hetness, for setting us straight (hah!) on that one! See, we thought someone claiming that 43% of all paedophiles were gay or banning gay rights parades as “sexually obscene” or using the word “faggot” was homophobic – thank you for correcting us! Clearly you know better! They still fight any movement to help or protect us, even out most vulnerable

Remember that it is THESE Tories now who are trying to cripple the hate crime law and who pushed to allow religious bigotry justify homophobic discrimination.

This is the Tory party. They are our enemies, they always have been our enemies. They have fought tooth and nail against every single right we have, from our very right to exist upwards and they continue to battle desperately against every move for us to achieve justice. Every step we’ve taken, every right we’ve won has been achieved in the teeth of nigh unanimous Tory opposition.

Don’t be taken in by the lies and the propaganda. Don’t let two face liars like Nick Herbert play the gay friend to the bigot and throw us all under the bus. If the Tories want to convince us they’ve changed then they need to change – not just make speeches.

Until then – and if it ever happens – every gay person who votes for the Tories is stabbing themselves – and all of us – in the back. And every gay member of the Tory party is hurting us – because they are letting some of our greatest enemies use them for propaganda victories.

And I’d be extremely leery about considering any straight Tory voter to be anything close to a gay ally.

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The Tories are and always have been for rich, white, straight men. They're just very, very good at lying. Hence why I think David Cameron is so dangerous - he somehow manages to convince people that the Tory party has changed, when actually all they've done is prettied it up a bit.

I may disagree with much of what Labour does, and the SNP are far from perfect,, so much better than the Tories. I'm already fearing the consequences them winning the election in however many months.

This is why I fear the Tories - they are good at lying. Unlike parties in, say, America which are very bad at hiding their vileness, the Tories are good at masking it and pretending. And I fear that a lot of GBLT people will be hurting themselves and believing the rhetoric.

I don't like Labour I would hate to have to vote for them - but they're head and shoulders about the Tories... gods I am beyond terrified of a Tory government.

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