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First look at the new government – Theresa May is Equalities Minister

With several coffees and a morning’s work under my belt, I look with trepidation at the new government – and already I’m very very worried.

Theresa May has been appointed as the new Home Secretary and Minister for Equality. A nice combination that means a lot of equality and justice in this country rests on her shoulders.

This is the woman in charge of protecting women and minorities. She is our champion, our shield, she is the one who ensures that equality laws and policies are applied – and how that application takes effect. She is, in short, a vital person for GBLT rights. In no small way, our rights and justice are very very dependent on this woman.

Shall we take a look at her voting record?

Voted against equalising the age of consent

Voted against the repeal of Section 28

Voted against gay couples adopting children. Twice.

Voted against IVF rights for lesbians

Stayed away from Parliament for all the Gender Recognition Acts

Was ABSENT when the Equality Act was voted on in relation to Sexual Orientation

She was absent for many of the Civil Partnership votes

I keep reading through her record and well… Well… damn. Well done Cameron you actually make Grayling look like the better bloody choice.

I suppose this is technically very clever. The Tories don’t actually have to pass homophobic legislation – they just make sure that the minister that is supposed to enforce, apply and otherwise implement anti-homophobia protections is a homophobe. And this way Clegg gets to keep on smiling and playing good guy while continuing to enable a government that screws us over.

This is not a good sign of things to come.

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Wow.. she sounds like a real champion for equality. What? Is she their only woman? Is this the 'token woman' job?

Sounds horrific. She'll be able to 'change priorities' and 'reallocate funding' and quietly underfund and challenge policies and programs all in the interest of 'diverting them to more needed causes' in other minority groups (that might already be well represented, or might become over-represtented).


yes she is the token woman. The only woman in the cabinet

She'll be able to gut us, skin us and hang us out to dry. And the Lib Dems will smile watching the Tory homophobes do it

Defunding offices and agencies -- that is exactly what to expect in this situation.


I will say this. British politics, very involved and sneaky. American politics, fairly simple. If you want a homophobe, you generally get a Republican into the seat. If you want someone more sympathetic then you get a Democrat into the seat. Of course all good or bad work can be undone by lawsuits or the next person to take the seat. Pretty straight forward with very little underhandedness. Our bigotry is out in the open for all to see and be warmed or burned by it's light, depending on which side you're on. Maybe I'm just so used to American Politics that I see it as simple when it's really not. I've grown accustomed to the back-stabbing and hate-mongering. Which would be more to the sadness really.

Well on a simple measure there were very few Topries they could put in the seat who wouldn't be homophobic. That's why they should have given it to a Lib Dem. But not only have they chosen a Tory homophobe - they have chosen one of the most vehement, most disgutingly bigoted of the Tory homophobes

Oh dear.

I had good hopes of Nick Clegg, but he seems to have picked the wrong side. I'm not sure that electoral reform is going to be worth the price, if this bitch woman is part of it.

Gordon Brown should have stuck it out until he and Clegg formed a government, and then resigned.

Electoral reform, if it happens, looks like it has been HEAVILY compromised at best

*sigh* It's long overdue too. I remember being bitterly disappointed when Ted Heath formed a minority government in 1974 -- when he could have had a coalition with Jeremy Thorpe.

My Liberal leanings date back to Jo Grimond, even though I wasn't old enough to vote while he was Liberal leader. We lived in an area without a Liberal candidate, so my parents would vote one for each Labour and Conservative by arrangement, so they'd done their civic duty and cancelled each other out. The first election after my father died, my mother wrote "A plague on both your houses!" on her ballot.

So yea, electoral reform is a good 40 - 50 years overdue. Perhaps it's time for a nice little revolution? That seems to be a popular sentiment on this side of the pond too, unfortunately the people who most want a revolution are the people least likely to create a better society as a result.

I voted Lib Dems, I liked their policies, I liked them a lot... but now? Not so much. Their principles seem very very optional

The electoral reform they've settled for is... weak is a compliment. It's pathetic. Are they so easily bought?

As I understand it, the LabLib discussions were ended largely on the basis of a coalition being unworkable due to parts of the Labour party.

Labour + Lib Dems = 315.
Conservatives = 306.
Both could get some of the independents on-side.

However enough Labour MPs said they'd refuse to work with a LabLib coalition (presumably either leaving the party, or just voting against it) that it wasn't viable – if they lost 10 to people who'd merely not support them, or 5 to people who'd vote against them, then the coalition becomes very unstable and therefore not really viable.

I'd rather have an unstable "unworkable" government than a "workable" government that will work very hard to screw me over

Chances are said unstable unworkable government would fail to pass the Queens Speech or Budget vote, as those are vote of confidence, there would be another General Election, and while I'm no expert, I'd guess that the Tories would probably do best out of that.

I'm not so sure. I mean without Brown Labour could try for a major rebranding.

They could try. But, honestly, I don't think it'd work. Plus there'd be the question of timing, getting a new leader in then immediately going to the polls.

Well, there's an own goal if ever I saw one!

"We won't work with you, so you and the other guys can go form a government and we'll sulk over here and play opposition".

Real grown up, real mature, real thinking about what's best for the country.


Word is that one of the major sticking points was ID cards. :/

ID cards were a sticking point for the Lib Dems

I kinda hoped homophobia would be too.

I was naive

Sorry, I meant that Labour were so committed to ID cards that they wouldn't negotiate with the Lib Dems on that point. :/

if this bitch woman
Do you realize how sexist this is? She's a horrible person, that's no excuse for the gendered insults to start flying.

You're quite right, comparing her to a female dog is an insult to all dogs.

As for you, don't be an anonymous part of the problem, be part of the solution. Suggest an alternative appellation that would express my disgust for her voting record without recourse to gender.

Are you serious? I'm not even a native English speaker and I can think of plenty of insults that don't continue this oppressive tradition. Asshole, ignoramus, bigot, you name it.
I went anonymous because I've seen a lot of casual sexism on this blog go by unchallenged and don't have the spoons for this right now. 'Bitch' is a word that specifically targets people like me, every time I see it used in a non-reclaiming manner I flinch, why the hell are you as a man tellin me it's my place to come up with these alternative insults for you?

I can think of a dozen or hundred. In fact, I've spent no small amount of time calling her all of them at considerable length and vehemence

But, ultimately, hateful, homophobic bigoted arsehole covers it very very clearly

So the person who is suppose to fight for equal rights for all in your country has a record of either voting against rights or not voting at all. Thats really really sucks. Is there a term limit for how long she will be in this postion?

Well she can be moved to a different position by her PARTY at any time. Otherwise - she's there until the next election

To be fair to her, voting against a particular sort of equal rights. I've heard she's quite good on gender equality.

That doesn't mean that it's alright that they've put someone against GBLT equality in that position.

No term limit, as long as the Prime Minister thinks she's doing the job right. But she's an MP, so she can be voted out at the next general election, or her party lose power, or whatever.

She pushes for my female Tory MPs - but I believe she is in FAVOUR of cutting the abotion time limit.

Maybe that's what will be used to sell her and deflect - they'll raise her partial record on gender equality while ignore the GBLTs - could be the way Clegg sold it to his party (assuming they cared)

I assume by "gender equality" you mean "cis women's rights", as she absented herself from votes on the GRA.

It's a real smack in the face.

It's an insult. It's a statement of Tory homophobia - and Lib Dem complicity


Why am I reminded of when Bush assigned John Bolton to the United Nations?

This is depressing.

It's a really common and disgusting way to show contempt for something and to attempt to destroy it - make your representativee, or worse, the person in charge, be someone utterly opposed to it

More recently though, May has been one of two top Tories to have called for civil partnerships to be re-classed as marriages and to be given the same benefits as married couples. So I wouldn't be too quick to state that she is homophobic

You mean that the woman, realising she is EQUALITIES MINISTER and realising that the person who WAS tipped for her job got the boot because ofr his grossly homophobic comments about the B&B bigots and is now facing considerable fire for being such a bigot in such a sensative position has decided to say something nice that she will NEVER have to back up?

And this is supposed to even remotely balance her history?

Go by what she's done not what she's spun.

Not a big deal.

Voting against equality laws doesn't make you homophobic. I know lots of gays that don't agree with every gay/positive discrimatory measure in their favour.
Conservatives are about civil liberties and freedom.
Thersa may is probably voting against the labour ideology of equality laws, because as a tory she is actually in favour of letting people get on with their on business.

Yes a big deal, but thank you for explaining to me what is and isn't homophobic, where would we gays be without straight people like you to set us right

Voting against equality DOES make you homophobic. Treating us less than straight people IS homophobic.

Section 28 wasn't letting people get on with their business. Fighting against the equalised age of consent wasn't letting people get on with their business. Stopping lesbians having IVF treatment isn't letting people get on with their business. All of this is STOPPING people getting on with their business.

This is freedom?

Re: Not a big deal.

Rephrase: "Voting in favour of homophobic laws doesn't make you homophobic".


Re: Not a big deal.

I bet some of your best friends are even gay!

I grew up under the Thatcher government, and specifically under s.28. There was nothing about freedom or letting people get on with their business about that.

I'm honestly speechless. Guess my plans to live in the UK will have to be delayed for the time being, coz grrrr... *shakes head*

The next 5 years are not going to be fun...

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