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mercury_phoenix wrote a letter to the BBC in protest of this.

Anything else I could say here would involve copious uses of the word 'fuck', so I'll just say thank you for posting and *hugs*.

That's a great letter, I like it muchly

I fucking give up. I really do.

Next time a mixed-race celebrity couple gives birth, I expect to see a member of the BNP interviewed stating his opposition to mixed-race couples raising children in the interests of balance.

I am really on my last nerve here. The camel is buried under the straw, let alone broken by it.

That is what bugs me, I cannot imagine they would do this with any other minority - because they KNOW it's sickening and bigoted. But being openly homophobic is still considered legitimate and acceptable

I've already commented on ONTD-political and Mercury_phoenix's site as well.

For the record, a birth announcement does not require an opposing view. The only thing that would have been appropriate would have been to say congratulations. The whole thing disgusts me. Unless Elton was dangling the baby out a window, having a baby is not a topic open for opposing viewpoints. Its not a political act, its a personal choice. A choice by Elton and his husband that needs to be respected.

It's fluff news, it's feel good news, it's nothing news, it's barely even news. The need to balance it boggles me in the extreme

That's awful. I saw the original news article, skimmed it briefly, and thought it was nice to hear some good news for a change - and that Elton and his hubby must be absolutely over the moon. How sad that people feel it necessary to spoil good news with this sort of reporting. What is there to debate about a married couple who clearly love each other having a child by surrogacy? *sigh*

The BBC has ruined its rep with me lately with the sheer amount of this crap it's pulled - and continued to pull.

It's so glaringly different to how they treat any other couple or family

Need for balance. Fucking need for balance. A happy family event for a gay couple needs to be balanced by somebody who advocates the death of gay people spitting hate. That nobody even sees how fucked up this is.. there are no words how how awful and hope-draining it is.

It's like "hey we had a decent story here, let us now balance it with SHIT! Behold! BALANCE!"

Seriously? *seriously?*

*fires up complaint email to BBC*

The BBC is now ignoring complaints becuase they believe there's a "lobby" behind it. I.e. lots of angry gays should be ignored

Oh BBC, you continue to fail so amazingly. Next time there's some Holocaust news why don't you interview a white supremacist, to continue your awesome 'reporting from deep inside our arses' line of work. I actually wouldn't be surprised if they did. (hey, isn't this the same channel that had that hilarious-I assume, for them-questionary when they asked people if they thought gays deserved death penalty? or do you have two separate channels just as charming?)

Nah they'll just a Holocaust denier on. Seriously, it wouldn't surprise me.

It's the new form of balance! Logic and reality must be balanced by bullshit! Decency with hatred! The bigots need equal representation

And yes, it is the same channel that questioned whether we should be executed. And my license fee pays for this...

Even in the Web version, where they have a friend saying its all great, they finish up the story by mentioning that the couple tried to adopt in Uganda, and were refused--beat, waits for everyone to assume the worse, then--because they were too old, and Uganda does not recognise their marriage.

I find this sort of dragging up of the past really annoying.


Yeah it's a case of "hey happy story happy story., DAmn it, how do we get our hate on?! HERE WE GO!"

Hey didn’t Jamie Oliver have a child in 2010?

Waitaminute, are you telling me that nobody in the UK has ever said one word about those poor kids' names? Because I forsee a couple of their kids going to the registry and saying "Mary. Joan. Whatever. Look, for chrissakes, they named me Poppy Honey."

"Balance". FFS. You strive for balance in reporting a new piece of legislation not a matter that quite rightly belongs only on the hatched-matched-dispatched pages. Unless the publication is secretly an eight year old school kid who giggles every time teacher says 'period' in grammar class.

I wish they'd grow up. People come in all different types and that's called variety. It's beautiful.

Not that I noticed - I mean some channels may have. but not the BBC. The BBC is far too refined to do something as gauche and tasteless as mock baby name! Really, they have standards... for straight folk anyway.

I can see that "I want to change my name. I don't give a damn, PICK ONE that is remotely sensible"

It's an interesting standard, basic human living and family has to be balanced by hatred and revulsion.

The hell.

Oh, come on, people. >.

Yeah, it kinda defies comment doesn't it because it's so self-evidently wrong

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