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I saw that and winced. Since I like to believe the best of people, I'm willing to credit it as an unscripted response to being surprised by Schofield's list. However, that interpretation means that it's the connection he made in his head, which is just desperately sad.


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"pay no attention to the man behind the curtain"

if we can roar and yell and raise a ruckus, everyone will ignore what's really going on

um, yeah, that didn't work for the teabaggers either

Actually gay politicos are over represented on the list schofield was talking about. people *are* targetting openly gay MP's Mandelson, Portillo and Laud etc. So yeah in this context Cameron did and said the right thing . Excuse me now I have to go throw up

Editied to add Ted heath's name has beeen thrown about by the media because of his connection to saville admittedly ......but weren't there rumours about him being gay for years? IIRC It wouldn';t suprise me If tconnection was lready in many peoples minds and yes David probably didn't hel matters by saying what he did but Ted heaths name is out there in connection Sabvile

IDK I'm not saying he did this out of the goodness of his heart or out of any real concern for the gay politicos but yeah

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