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*hugs* do whatever you need to.

It's good to have a clearer, safer space

We'll be here for you, no problem.

I'm cleared out so I now have a much safer place in my commonly reached web places are much easier

Have a good relax bb! You need it!

It's cold and rainy today so I'm making creamy pumpkin and bacon soup. Envy me.

Hmmm bacon....

ewwwww pumpkin...

I am conflicted

It's all in the seasonings. Ididn't think my husband would eat it but he did. The creamy comes from some mashed potato and it's spicy. I put garam masala in as well to compliment the pumpkin. It did not suck.

I shall have to give it a go - and it's a good way to use pumpkin rather than covering it in sugar

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