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Sadly it's all too common that we are the villains. Here, it used to be and still is sometimes the fault of black people or immigrants. It's never the fault of the majority, only the minority. Mostly because dare to stand up and be heard. Silly us thinking we deserve dignity and respect. One day we'll learn. *not impressed face*

We're the villains, always to blame. scapegoating is so damn common with minorities

Yea in the US that one would have to be hammered down from the top and done brutally were it to happen in the next 20 years. That would bring about other ills difficult to heal. In 50 I doubt it will be a problem in the north, west and eastern parts of the country but the bybull belt most likely would need reconstruction level intervention to hammer it. I don't see a good answer in the short term. In the longer term with assistance it should get better. It's going to be too slow either way.

The short-term is so very fraught - we know what has to change in the long term - but until then people fall through the cracks

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