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This would be funny... if it weren't so sad.

Politics - showing why humanity needs a sense of humour

Apparently one polling station got 0 voters come by. Surely with a turnout like that they can't take whatever votes they did get and call it a democratic process?

I'm not surprised. So many people didn't know it was happening and even less cared

Frankly with turnout like this all the electorate is saying is "fuck the lot of you" or "who the fuck cares?"

It would be great if they'd offer a "None of the above" option as well as a write-in option on ballots. If the majority of voters reject all candidates for a position, that's a meaningful election result.

aye - something beyond spoiling your ballot

Youch... sorry to hear it.

And I know the feeling. In Canada, there are five majour parties on the Federal level and they're all not so good on one level or another. The Conservatives are more about making money and support Israel, and Stephen Harper was a huge kissass to George W Bush, the Liberals were bribing Quebec Seperatists with federal money, basically, to keep them placated at the expense of other things, the NDP can't seem to find any traction despite having a strong pro-worker and human rights platform, and then there are two other parties I can't even think of at the moment.

It's a plaster over a great sucking wound - but it shows they're "reforming" the police. honest.

Have to admit, I didn't vote. And not just because I was suffering from the worst hangover of my life...

they didn't exactly inspire good turnout

A socially minded internet friend of mine had a very eloquent blog on this just before the election: http://milenapopova.eu/2012/11/lets-go-spoil-some-ballots.html

I didn't vote because I didn't want to legitimise such a ridiculous idea and hopefully give some ammunition to a subsequent parliament that chooses to fire the useless tw*ts. Can't believe this was thought of as a good idea - when has adding extra politicians to any situation ever been a good idea?!


Now this is a very very excellent idea

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