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From how this is playing out, the same MPs who hate on LGBT but defend straight women, I'm strangely reminded of Dan Savage's own hypocrisy in what he does and say, working hard to defend white gay people and denounce everyone else from transgender and bisexuals in the LGBT community.

These MPs are basically coming out to defend the 'right' kind of people against the bigotry of the church and while it's good to see the church get openly critisized for its ignorance and whatnot, it's frustrating in the same vein that these bigoted MPs who hate on LGBT are the ones blasting the church. It's like, well, with friends like these, who needs enemies, you know?

For some reason and in some fields, certain bigotries are more acceptable than others - it's not that one bigotry is worse than the other, it's that each bigotry manifests itself in a different way each having different expressions.

One of the problems with homophobia is it's ongoing acceptability. It is still considered OK by a large number of people to hang a sign in your window of your business banning gay people. And it's doubly so with religion. When we look at a religion that discriminates on other grounds, we find it unpleasant to various degrees - but homophobia and religion are considered laudable

A lessening of church power? One can hope, indeed.

And allow me to be the first to request that pics from your wedding day be posted here afterward, because a Sparky/Beloved wedding would be fucking magical. Want to celebrate right along with you. We will feast like vikings, I tell you!

I am desperately hopeful.

Vikings! Do we get to eat ourselves greasey then pick up axes and charge homophobes?! Best wedding ever!

Well, of course! How else does one feast like vikings?

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