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Ooooh, someone needs to be served peanut butter on stale bread for that!

Or told to fend for himself while Sparky enjoys moist and delicious chicken so gracelessly scorned!

Peanut butter sauce on chicken is actually surprisingly good.

I wish i had both to make him eat them. No moooore cooking!

I admire his ability to completely dismiss reality, LOL!

All I can think of is the line from Chicago: "I fired two warning shots- right into his head."

If I can find a big enough gun

A bazooka perhaps

LOL! You have to love this man.:))

If I didn't he would be dead

This is where I would smile sweetly, open the freezer, and say, "Yes. Apparently, you don't have a problem with that."

That said, I feel the urge to get a move on my goose. I have one. I plan to roast it with oranges, quinces, lemons, and a nice whiskey-orange glaze. Oh, yes, and potatoes. It's getting cold here, and it's a perfect time of year for tender, roasted poultry.

And then push him into said freezer, yes yes this is a good idea.

It sounds nice but I have a thing about fruit and savoury - but a good roast and root veg are great for winter

He is a brave one... or incredibly, incredibly stupid. The two look so much alike.

It could be both - or the latter. I think more the latter

After your last post about Beloved's shenanigans, I laughed. A lot!

I'm amazed he isn't dead. No jury in the world would convict me

heh, given your posts about him, and the fact that it seems you have yet to throw a cooking pot at beloved I am assuming that he must be very cute and/or very good at certain umm adult activities ;)

Both of these are very true - I shall have to remind him that both need to continue being true or death will surely follow

Seconding jocelyncs' suggestion of peanut butter on stale bread for Beloved.

Just bread - he doesn't deserve the peanut butter

After the Frozen Defrosted Chickengate debacle?

WOW... brave indeed.

Truly reckless. Maybe he is becomming an adrenaline junkie

Let him eat cake chicken until his squawks!

I literally facepalm-ed first, before I chuckled and thought, 'How could you FORGET that you brought home the chicken(s)?!' Your Beloved has a wonderful memory there, I see.

He doesn't understand why having huge stocks of chicken means you have to eat chicken...

I've just got in trouble in work by cackling with laughter at that.


See See? All the trouble he causes!

Um...yeah. Oh boy. I can actually see the spouse pulling that on me when we first met. He knows better now. I have knives.

Hmmm knives, i shall remind him of this

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