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the only thing I see working in gay people's 'favor' as far as wealth is concerned is that as a group we are probably less likely to have children, which does free up some money that can be used for things like higher education. But even that is not necessarily a good thing, as there are probably many of us who would like to have kids but are opting not to because of fears about discrimination, lack of ability to adopt, lack of laws giving both parents equal rights, lack of ability to share benefits, etc (In my state same sex couples are not recognized for adoption, as a teacher I will be a public employee and unable to share any health etc benefits with my partner due to state laws banning recognition of same sex partners)

exactly, the only lack of expense we have, again, stems from extreme discrimination that makes it hard to impossible for us to actually raise children.

I think the same when reports claim that the 'actual percentage' of gay people in the population is like 3%, or whatever.
No honey, those are just the ones who told the truth.

Ye gods, 3%? What part of "closeted" do these people NOT understand?

Ha, I actually overestimated! Apparently the 'true' number is 1.5%.


Hah I wrote about that before: http://sparkindarkness.livejournal.com/360521.html

the fun thing? If these stats are true that would mean every GBLT person in the UK had 3 gaydar profiles EACH

I've never been out at work. Never. I've always worked the kind of temp or agency jobs where I know for a fact they could fire me for it and I'd have no right to complain. The reason I'm stuck in a cycle of shitty jobs and half-completed education? Epic mental health issues caused by... homophobia while trying to learn!

Shit. Maybe I'm not gay or something...

Ah, selection bias, you strike again.

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