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On "Liberal" Church of England whining

So  people in the Church of England and Wales are all upset because the government didn’t consultthem about one of the “quadruple locks” on the marriage equality law proposal – namely that the CofE would be banned from performing same-sex marriages

Now, I’m more than happy to criticise the Tories when warranted – and it is usually so very warranted. And I think the whole idea religious exemptions to equality laws is bigoted and deeply wrong – especially for the CoE that receives so many privileges as the established church.

But for not consulting? Sorry, I can’t criticise even May and Miller for this – and I can’t stand either of them

Why did you think you should be consulted, CoE? It’s not like you hadn’t made your opinions ABUNDANTLY clear both in the past and in the run up to this law.

You have opposed every single attempt to achieve justice for GBLT people. No matter how basic, no matter how necessary, the CoE has been a united bastion of homophobia and bigotry – this is, after all, an institution that could barely bring itself to express mild concern about Uganda’s gay genocide bill (supported and pushed by the Anglican church there) while cracking down on the Episcopalians in the US (shows your priorities, CoE).

For the full duration of this consultation we’ve had nothing but the most disgusting hatred from the CoE – Lord Carey and Archbishop Sentamu have spewed the most virulent hatred and not once has Archbigot  Rowan Williams or his upcoming replacement tried to counter or stem this hatred.

Why would we need to ask what your opinion is? Your opinion has already been made abundantly clear on repeated occasions! You can’t scream and roar and whine and then complain when you finally get what you want.

You wanted the option to marry GBLT people in the future maybe? I have to say, I’m resisting the strong urge to slap any CoE member who even dares to try this. You screamed blue murder at the possibility! You whined about slippery slopes, you moaned about court cases forcing you to accept gay people as actual people! You howled at the very idea of the evil gays defiling your precious institution! You tried to get a blanket ban on ALL religions being able to bless same-sex marriages, no matter what their faith said! Your constant refrain – through lies, scaremongering and more lies – was that churches would be forced to marry gay people! That the evil evil gays would defile your precious churches! Well done, your whining was heard and you got what you wanted.

How dare you even think of whining about your religious freedom being curtailed! It has been curtailed by YOUR OWN BIGOTRY!

And all you so-called liberal CoE? Where were the demonstrations? Where was the outrage? Where was the fury you were supposed to feel at these church luminaries spreading bigotry in your name? Were you wringing your hands while you sat in the pews? Were you tutting under your breath while you marked “Anglican” on the census? Did you proudly chant “not me! Oh no, I’m not a bigot!” while continuing to lend your support and power to a bigoted organisation? Did you play the “oh, we’re not like the Catholics!” game while continuing to be as homophobic and vehement in opposing our rights? Why weren’t the supposed liberal bishops and archbishops going to the papers demanding your chance to marry gay people? Why weren’t they out there saying that Carey and Sentamu and Williams are wrong?

Because maybe if you supposed mass of non-homophobic CoE didn’t add your name and support to this bigoted institution, we wouldn’t have to fight tooth and nail against such a power every time we try to achieve justice. Maybe we wouldn’t have to listen to them squealing on the news and in the papers, spreading their hatred and dehumanising attacks. Maybe this bastion of homophobic hatred wouldn’t have the power it has.

I am beyond sick of the CoE – it’s endless bigotry and it’s ridiculous “liberal” hand wringers who constantly try to play the “but not us! Not me! We’re the good ones!” game while supporting such an unrelenting force of hatred. You aren’t the good ones, you aren’t the nice ones. You’re just as guilty, you’re just as much to blame, you have caused just as much pain and you support just as much hate.



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Socially they're a psychotic mix of fright wing theology and left wing sacrifice. A friend calls them and the catholics nascent righteous communists.

That is considerably more polite than what I call them

(Deleted comment)
It's my point of being so past done with them that they couldn't redeem themselves in my eyes if I live to be a hundred

I keep forgetting how different your CofE is from the Episcopalian church over here. Our bigots either grumble under their breaths and do nothing or join a handful of splinter churches, as the official Episcopalian church has had LGB clergy since I was tiny, at least one openly gay bishop who's a strong advocate for rights, same sex union ceremonies since my teens, and trans clergy for something like a decade. It's like looking at an evil mirror world twin when I look at what's going on in your part of the Anglican convention. It's hard to wrap my head around how different things are over there. I jumped ship on theism in my late teens, but I grew up Episcopalian and my parents stayed in to the death. I can't imagine my mother going to a church that didn't accept me as fully human. It is horrifying to me that so many in your country stay silent and let the bigots run things. I'm so sorry.

One of the utter "I'm done with you arseholes" moments for me was the Anglican church losing their shit with the American Episcopalians, jumping up and down in a fury because they accepted gay clergy. Rowan Williams tutted and chided and told them off, the general synod clucked like a bunch of rabid chickens.

And then the Ugandan church decided to go all gung ho for the gay genocide bill and the Anglican church? *crickets* For weeks. We had to scream at them until, in an article about church fetes and pointless things in the Telegraph, Williams included one sentence on mild disapproval of the death penalty. That was it.

It showed up the Anglican priorities

It's honestly horrifying to me.

I think of Bishop Robinson out flogging for marriage equality and raising awareness about violence against us and the cognitive dissonance is just huge for me. I'm used to thinking of Episcopalians as being on the list of friendly religions along with Quakers, Universalism, and Reformed Judaism. It's hard seeing the parent branch being such a force for evil when they could be doing real good. It's things like this that give Christians a bad name and make the religion synonymous with hate. Over here, I fear the Evangelicals, not the main stream denominations. It's terrifying that your mainstream is so dangerous.

It's hard to live with - especially with it being the established church and having it's considerable privileges -including Bishops in the House of Lords voting on my rights.

Barring a few very very fringe churches, I am used to mainstream religion being a constant enemy to any and all of my rights

The new moderator of the United Church of Canada is a gay man - it wasn't even an issue. I cannot deal with how the CoE is so frantic to appease the African bishops and its own right wing that it has just thrown social justice under the bus - anything, literally anything to keep the communion together.

I think it's going to hurt them - extremely badly in the UK. Religiosity is already dropping but between this and especially the woman bishops they're killing themselves

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