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Marriage Equality coming closer

I am keeping everything crossed

Don't screw this up!

Same-sex marriage bill in the UK: voting in February.

if you're British - contact your MP, even if they've said no publicly, even if they've said yes publicly - contact them, yell at them, throw pies at them - let them know this matters.

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Much as I dislike him for other reasons my one (Kevan Jones) has generally been good on gay equality-related votes - should be pretty safe. Although I'll contact him anyway, possibly head along to his surgery if there's one before the vote (he only does one a month).

I shall keep my mind crossed in honor of your impending victory!

Sadly it is still NOT "marriage equality" for some of us - see here. They have backtracked from true marriage equality to same-sex marriage with one additional add-on :/

Sorry to read about this :(

Long term lurker delurking to say I have contacted my local Tory(!) MP and thanked him for stating he will suppost marrige equality. Thankyou for the above links than made it easy to get his contact info :)

Fingers Crossed, toes crossed, I'm spending Tuesday in front of the TV with snacks (for me) and chicken strips (for the cat) ready to cheer when it passes.

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