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New Archbigot - same old story

The new Archbigot of Canterbury’s first act upon becoming Archbigot?

Denouncing equal marriage of course

Here’s the new boss, same as the old boss. Justin Welby is no better than the homophobic Rowan Williams was. Yet people who are part of and support the CofE constantly pretend they’re not supporting homophobic bigotry.

And you’ve got to be impressed by Archbigot Sentamu’s comments: “amid an age of seemingly unprecedented selfishness – in a society obsessed with individualism and rights.” Oh and people are “marginalising religion.”

Yeah, that’s not coded language at all. But then, this is the man who couldn’t bring himself to denounce violence against gay people.


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Watching the BBC dance around trying to report that without actually coming down on a side or saying what he actually said, I thought of you right off. I am very glad to see you weigh in. Seriously, I spent the whole segment trying to figure out what the Archbigot said.

Ah the BBC, always trying to be "unbiased" which always means "let's not call the nasty little bigot a bigot"

That was my observation. Last night's coverage was better, with actual gay people talking about why they needed civil rights and the bigots getting some murky coverage that didn't explain anything, but didn't give them a platform either.

Ran into Welby a couple of years back - I was looking around Durham Cathedral with a friend over from Canada (we're both atheists but hey, it's a pretty building) and asked him for directions somewhere or other (didn't know nor care he was the bishop - just some old guy who had a churchy look about him and therefore probably knew his way around). Didn't seem particularly pleasant from our brief interaction - very standoffish and snotty - no surprise he's a bigot either.

I think it says TONS that he's concerned that we're in an age 'obssessed with individualism and rights'.

Righhhttt... if we were, there'd be a whole lot more done to protect the rights of minorities and the persecuted and maybe this world would be a better place.

It also seems to say what a lot of Republicans in the US are always saying, which is that things were better in the 'good old days'... back when Jim Crow was law, women knew their place, and no one spoke of the gays at all.

Cripes almighty... what's that quote? Here's the new guy, same as the old guy?

Wow, he sure talks a lot of bullshit...
Buffy thinks you should shut up now.

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