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The A-hole I used to work for stayed away, as he always does, because he's too much of a slimy coward to stick by his so-called Catholic principles.

I do not really UK procedures. But it sounds like a series of jumps, like our house and senate, and then the possible veto at the last minute. (Needs a 2/3 majority to override that.) Or you have to start over.

Still, the world seems to be lurching toward justice. It is getting better.

"this is probably going to be the last Big High Profile legal victory for GBLT rights" - GBL rights, really, since it still fucks trans people over (and leaves intersex people completely out in the cold)....

I think it was illuminating to not have this be a whipped vote, it makes things simpler in terms of highlighting bigots. And I am glad that Cameron chose this as his 'not the nasty party' thing to spend his remaining political capital on. I think he knows that the Tories are unlikely to get back, unless there is some miracle of economic fortune (yeah, right), so he'll be gone soon, and at least this is a positive thing to be remembered for.


I'm not entirely certain how british politics work, (and I have dyscalculia, so the numbers don't really tell me much,) but.... am I correct in assuming that this now means full marriage equality, or is there still something else that has to happen, first? (In other words, can we celebrate yet?)

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