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Prepared to wager that more people are bitten while brawling with BNP associates than by foxes. Only one option: CULL! CULL!

yeah. i'm a horse lover, and i'm okay with the concept of horses=meat. if they just said "hey, this is a horse burger," and it happened to be consumption quality, that's fine. let's not creep people out about what you're actually feeding them.

another issue with eating horsemeat is that horses aren't being raised for consumption in the uk and the us.. even countries that are okay with the sale of horsemeat for consumption aren't keen on u.s. slaughterhouse horsemeat. a huge percentage of slaughtered horses are off the track, or pleasure riding/sporting horses. They're given plenty of medications, feed, etc, that aren't approved for animals being used for human consumption.

So much this! The most recent theory I heard was that the reason the horse meat originated in Romania is because they've recently started enforcing a law which bans all horse-drawn vehicles from their roads. Cue an awful lot of horses that no one has any use for any more. And if that's the case, they definitely weren't suitable for human consumption, because they'll probably have been given things like dewormers and antibiotics, which means they're permanently unsuited to go on our dinner plates.

Yeah, no objection to eating horse, if it's been deemed suiltable for eating - I'm sure most horses have a far better quality of life than the average factory farmed pig, for example - but 1) you should be told what you're eating, and 2) it should be safe for consumption in the way it was reared, slaughtered and processed; I'm not so sure these will fit the last category, and they sure as shit don't fit the first.

I suppose the upside of this (I always have to find one, it's a weakness) is that local butchers like the one up the road from me seem to be seeing a lot more traffic. They tend to source locally and know exactly what they're dealing with, on account of being the ones who did most of the butchering.

Once again Sparky knows exactly what the real issue is, and expresses it succinctly. Some media outlet should just put you on retainer as a "sane man on the street" commenter. XD

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