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Well that's it, isn't then? I mean, if a character doesn't either vehemently deny it or, in rare cases, so very rare, say that they are flattered but they don't swing that way, then that must mean it's guilt by association. This is what we have to look forward to for at least another decade of two, if that short a period of time, right? So we're stuck with yet another show who basically lights us on fire and then walks away with the coveted inclusion cookie. I blame fandom, really I do. I was intrigued by fandom initially. But it seems to be a whole lot of straight women pairing up characters who are both male. The forbidden fruit they can't have, huh? I have found more women, both straight and bisexual, who are more interested in gay porn than the most avid of gay porn aficionados. That's not to say that all of them are but I know more than my fair share that are. Maybe that says something about me... hmm.

I saw that gif on my tumblr account but I didn't know the context of it.

Now that I know... yeah, not cool.

The excitement makes me so sad, in ways :( I have almost, well, zero faith in the SPN writers to take it beyond this sort of teasing. I'll be surprised and happy if they do and they do it well, but I wouldn't be surprised if they continue to dangle the carrot in front of the slash fans because they know the fans love it and that there's no risk involved.

It's why I've stopped watching shows like White Collar, Suits, Merlin, SPN, Sherlock etc... I'll pay attention when there's a show with a gay couple as canon, rather than baiting.

I hate the SPN fandom for a variety of reasons. This is just one more reason, uck.


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