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This. Means. WAR!


So Beloved has, after a pause to try and lull me into a false sense of security, launched his counter strike.

Oh it was subtly done I will give him that.

I’m there working away on Vital Worky Type Stuff when Beloved saunters in

Beloved: Dragon Age 3’s supposed to be released this year

Sparky: I know, already looking forward to it

Beloved: Do you think it’ll continue the other games?

Sparky: Maybe – but even if it doesn’t I bet you can import game files that will have an effect like Origins to DA2

Beloved: Do you have game files ready? It’s been a while

Sparky: Should do.

Beloved: Ha, so long as you remember what you did and don’t have to do the whole thing again

Sparky: I think I do.

Beloved: At least there isn’t a Mass Effect 4, you won’t be disappearing for a month again.


{conversation goes of in a tangent in which chickens are mentioned, repeatedly. Because he’s never allowed to forget the chickens. Ever).  He wanders off and I’m left alone


Sparky: *working on the Vital Worky Type Stuff*

Sparky Brain: Draaaaagon Age

Sparky: I’m working

SB: Are you working on Dragon Age?

Sparky: No, work. Concentrate brain

SB: I am concentrating. On the best mage build – is it just me or is an all primal mage pointless? Sure you get the achievement bu-

Sparky: Stop! Stop! Stop! Work!

SB: Fine I’ll work

Sparky: Good. *focus focus focus*

SB: Alistair…

Sparky: Stop it.

SB: Alllllistair…

Sparky: Stop it, stop it right now. WORK damn it. *focus focus focus*

SB: I can’t believe you’re doing this when Thedas is being consumed by a Blight. How heartless are you?

Sparky: I am NOT doing a Dragon Age marathon!

SB: Bets?


Beloved: oh, Dragon Age. How long after I left did you start playing?

Sparky: You did that on purpose.
Beloved: *smug look*


I must now spend time plotting revenge again. He cannot cannot cannot be allowed to win. And yes, this will escalate. And no, I do not care if the entire world is consumed in nuclear fire, I WILL HAVE THE LAST LAUGH!


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A* to Beloved. That's such a classic move.

Beloved is evil!! Even President Obama thinks so.

Will the laugh be of the MWAHAHAHAHA kind?


Might be a bit overkill, but needs must...


Ohhh... that was ingenius!

And I gotta admit, if my brain were to dwell on any guy from Dragon Age, it'd be Allistair. I jumped for joy for the 20 seconds he was in Dragon Age 2.

I will admit though, when your Bo was talking about saved data from the first two games, I thought he was going to delete them!

Is it a difficult game, bearing in mind that I am a total coward who plays on kid-level all the time, y/n?

Should I get it, y/y?

With Dragon Age Origins, it can be difficult, but the nice thing about that is that you can pause the game in the middle of a firefight and set the difficulty down lower. It's the same with all of Bioware's games, in fact.

Yeah, there is no 'lower' difficulty setting for me - I'm already on it!

As someone who plays on the lowest difficulty setting possible, always? There will still be a few challenging fights, but you should be able to get through. Just make sure to always have a save file from the last time you were in camp or somewhere else that you can change your party, so that if you really can't get through a fight, you can go back and try it again with another party combination.

The hardest fight in the game (IME) is also one that's entirely optional.

Someone's husband knows him very well

So I ended up buying DA:O yet again today, since it was only $10 as a PS3 version and I kinda prefer it on console so what the heck I might as well replay it over on that system and then get DA2 there later and...what I'm saying is, you can blame him for this too.

lol well played, Beloved.

That's impressively subtle! I look forward to reading about your next strike :o)

Sorry, but I gotta go with Beloved for this one. *waves pompoms in Beloved's favorite colors*

Love this! He knows you well.:)

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