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Congrats staying (relatively) sane amidst the idiocy

I can't manage that fear without daily use of Rhodiola..

*hugs* I'm glad to hear that while the rose-colored glasses are off, he can still see some beauty.

Sadder but wiser is not a bad place to be. Both you and beloved have taken way too much crap from your families.

Even were they to apologize, it would not right such a wrong. An old fashioned word, but 'reparation' is necessary to show they have made the necessary changes, before trust can even start to be built.

As you say life goes on, but the cost to each of you is so much more than you should have to pay.

In his place I wouldn't want contact unless there were some sincere apologies.

I have to agree with what everyone else is saying - there is a point of No Return and they went and stomped all over it.It royally sucks that he's been so badly hurt though.

Good to hear an update. I worry after y'all, and as a nigh-incurable optimist I know shocks like that are hard.

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