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Got to agree wth you here. If that was a gay character that people feel should be celebrated about including, they are completely high. I had heard about it, but missed the fact completely when I watched it, despite being primed for it. Blergh.

I did the same with Frozen. When you're prepared, expectant, watching like a hawk AND still miss the inclusion? Not inclusive

Ugh, Penny Dreadful. Thanks for encouraging me to look at it another way.

And Da Vinci's Demons... We were pretty disgusted by how they treated Da Vinci's sexuality last season, too, sigh.

I keep dearly hoping the writers and creators will turn round that interview and say how wrong Reeve is - because that's just a terrible way to ruin what would have been a decent scene

Da Vinci's demons is just flat out bigoted, there's no other word for what they did to a historical gay man

The "inclusion" in How to Train your Dragon 2 was an ad lib by the actor, BTW.

That one really annoyed me because I actually had people arguing that it shows how wonderful it is that he's not stereotypical. The only reason he isn't stereotypical is because he's a retconned straight character made "gay" by an ad libbed line that the show runners decided to Word of Gay!

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