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Awesome entry is awesome!

Smith's not that bad, surely? Good actor hampered by some very average writing.


Lollerskates! (Geez, for that meal, I'd marry you too! I think I'll steal Beloved's soul and possess him so I can eat your cooking.)

You are a damn good cook. I want to have some of that, just reading what you had cooked.

The only time I had beef wellington was at a Chinese buffet. The cook would fix a few British dishes, no idea why. Perhaps the cook used to work in the UK or was from the UK.

Once Beloved started mentioning all that time-line stuff, I knew it was because he'd been watching Doctor Who.

So, which companion would you and Beloved like to be stuck with on the Tardis?

This entry reminds me that I really do did to start watching Dr. Who. Just not sure were to start because its such a long running show.

But... but... bowties... T_T

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