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While I wouldn't call myself "closeted," I'm still not really "out" at work, which means that yeah, I'm closeted and probably would stay so unless I were in a serious relationship with a woman. The particular place where I work isn't *hostile* to LGBT people, but there have been enough comments that I don't want the headache of being out when I don't need it. And by "headache," I mean straight people asking all of the usual stupid questions that they ask when they think they aren't homophobic, sigh.

tl;dr: Excellent point is excellent.

And even when out, there are situations where many LGBT people will try to be silent and unnoticed.

I don't know how you keep from chanting "shut it, shut it, shut it" at damn fool people. I don't know how I manage that either. Lots of St John's Wort, I guess.

These people are nuts. I am het. I have no idea if I would be in or out if I was gay. With my friends I know that there wouldn't be issues - my circle of friends contains many LGBTs and therefore I like to think I'd be comfortable enough - but even knowing that there are many who wouldn't have any problems with it, I still don't know I would be out. Likewise family, I like to think my parents would be ok with such an announcement but I don't know for certain if they would.

You can't know you'd be out - because you're not in that position. Simples.

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