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Inacivity excuse (it's a good one!)
You’ve probably noticed that Sparky has not been the most active of posters lately. Now part of this is because of WOTLK and my bad bad addiction - but only a small part. The lion’s share of the blame goes to black ice.

Black ice and dress shoes do not mix. Black ice, dress shoes and a concrete drive do not mix. Black ice, dress shoes, a concrete drive and very early mornings in Winter most certainly do not mix.

So I was lying on the cold, wet, hard concrete and discovered several things:

1) My mind and body kind of shut down in moments of physical shock. If a sabre tooth tiger ever leaped on me I’d be totally dead since I’d probably just lie there for 10 minutes while my body yelled “Ye gods, what the hell happened” and the tiger would be merrily gnawing on something irreplaceable before I could move. Admittedly, being able to move while having irreplaceable things gnawed is probably not especially useful either, but it’s still kind of embarrassing to know that your response to physical trauma is quarter of an hour of catatonia.

2) My body is stingy with the endorphins. When I hurt myself I’m incapacitated by pain, end of. No happy-loopy chemicals to make you all spaced and gleeful. No nice pain numbing drugs so you can get out of the path of the stampeding mammoth (what’s that about, body? I could be laminated to the floor under the feet of prehistoric pachyderms! Where was I when the survival skills were handed out? Behind the door?). Which means not only do I get 15 minutes of “AAARGH what the hell happened?” shock but I then get 15 minutes of “I don’t give a damn what happened, it bloody hurts?!”

30 minutes of crippling inactivity after physical trauma? Body, you suck.

Of course it was at this point I learned the more practical things like my left knee hating me a LOT and REALLY not going to be taking any weight. No. Nope nope. Not without some endorphins anyway (stingy body) to take the pain away (see? Even if I recovered faster the Sabre tooth tiger would still have got me because I couldn’t run away! Damn stupid happy chemical hording glands) so we were NOT moving from that concrete.

Especially since, if my knee hated me, then my right arm hated me, the world and everything in it and was determined to make it all suffer as much as possible. Since there’s a limit to what a right arm can do, it settled for making my life agony.

Eventually fumbling out my mobile phone (tough mobile phone) and call Beloved out of the house to pick me up (ow) and take me to a hospital (well, I wanted to go back to bed and mope and huddle, but since I couldn’t move on my own power at the time, Beloved managed to get his way). My left knee was dislocated and they merrily slipped it back into place (OW by the way) but my right arm is broken and is likely to be a source of inconvenience (and, irritatingly, constant nagging pain) for some time to come. To keep both injuries company I have an assortment of bruises, muscle strains, sprains and other nasty nasty things that the doctors assured me would be agonisingly painful and awful if I hadn’t had the knee and arm to distract me.

To which I would like to address a Whiskey Tango Foxtrot to the body. I mean, I’ve been run over. I’ve been in car crashes. I’ve been attacked by big man with undiplomatic attitudes. From these I get up, brush myself off and move on. But falling over and I‘m crippled? what’s up with that?

As such I am going to be AFK for a while. I can (as can be seen) type one handed but it is immensely frustrating and gives me a headache. I don’t need more aches.

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(Deleted comment)
Hey, i broke my arm, I didn't get mauled by the Koala-jelly-snake!

I hate physio and am hating it more every day. But i'm being good and confining my swearing at the evil physio to the nicer curse words

(Deleted comment)
Lots of sympathy - especially as it'll also screw up your WotLK (although I suspect you've probably cleared Naxx & stuff by now!)

Seriously, OW and hope you get well soon - do NOT take the p*ss and don't do anything silly like ignore it. OK?


We're pwning along. I'm not ghoing to lket a painful arm stop me!

If the hopes and sympathies of people worrying for/at you could help you heal, you'd be Wolverine. As is, you'll just have to settle for feeling worried for/at.

Take care of yourself. I for one would prefer that you feel mean because you want to and not because you're in pain.

::careful HUGS::

*regenerates* I R SUPER HEALER POWERED BY GOODWISHES! I will use my powers only for nefarious purposes!


ACK! i was wondering what you were up to--i'd just figured you'd gotten eaten by WoW, or a very shiny new box set of good tv. i wish that were the case, ye gods! i hate black ice, it's terrible stuff. take care, and hopefully we'll see you typing with both hands soon. <3

(also: what logophilos said. a good sports physio is the way to go.)

I wish it'd been a nice excuse :( I hate blacxk ice now. and refuse to go out the door.

(Deleted comment)
You poor thing - I was wondering what had happened to you. Make sure you rest, eat properly, and let Beloved pamper you. And as Ann says, do the physio.

PS Look on the bright side - if you don't have the normal primitive reactions to pain and trauma, maybe that means you're a higher form of life than the rest of us.

Lotys of food, though beloved's pampering patience wears out quickly :(

I r evolved in my bad panic reactions!

HUGS!!!! Sending thoughts for speedy recovery your way! Echoing everyone else, take care of yourself and don't push to be "all better" faster than your body will let you. I know its frustrating to be on the down and out but its way more frustrating to have pushed to hard on recovering and then be left with lifelong issues.

Thankeeeee. I'm getting so frustatted with it atm :) but I willl be patient

Oh god, you poor thing D:

(Am I going to hell for laughing about how you wrote it up, though? I think I am)



I hope you feel better soon. I know it'll take a while though. *more hugs*


*even more hugs*


I was just wondering what had happened to you. Erk.

Get well soon.

Aye, ambushed by ice. I have grrrenesss

(Deleted comment)

Re: Black Ice ? it's deadlier than a 6ft 6in biker in the alley with a axe, mad at you

I did, but he has low patience for that - not because he's insensitive but he has no concentration span. It's like "what? You've STILL broken your arm? Sorry I moved on to next topic now"

It is a specialist learned skill, but I'm rusty after so long unpracticed - there are other ways and means :)

Black Ice ? it's deadlier than a 6ft 6in biker in the alley with a axe, mad at you

that damn black ice, it almost killed my brother, he was driving to work one day, hit a patch of black ice, rolled & went into the ditch, if he hadn't been wearing the seatbeat, he would have been a goner, he had to climb out through the sunroof

Re: Black Ice ? it's deadlier than a 6ft 6in biker in the alley with a axe, mad at you

Damn stuff is lethal and the damned council doesn't take salting nearly seriously enough,

Dude. That SUCKS.
You need to get yourself some boots with spikes on 'em, for sure.

Ahhhh but that wouldn't be British.

We do not make concessions for the weather. We stubbornly refuse to acknowledge it and demand it conform to our requirements.
Yes, yes we do

England is not supposed to freeze dammit. It's in a book somewhere I swear. I hope the injuries heal without issue.

The person who attacked you is on my list. Should I go all Dahmer you'll need to tell me where the buffet is.

It's a myth

See, we say things like this every year "it froze! It never freezes!" or "it's so hot this summer! It's never this hot!" It's a liiiie. The sdame things happen every damn year yet we managed to be shocked each time.

Alas before he got on your list he got on teh court's list. He spent some time as a guest of Her Majesty and lost rather a lot of money. However, feel free to add him to the nom nom list because I hold grudges

Eep! I hope you heal quickly!

Thankee, I usually do.


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