Spark_in_darkness (sparkindarkness) wrote,

Lambda Bingo!

In honour of the squealings over LLF Lambda award I am preparing a bingo card. I think this covers most of the salient points, now I just need the skill to put them in boxes.

There is so much wrong that I can't even begin to address it all. We need a bingo card, I'm trying to think of all the squares:

"I'm from an oppressed group so I don't have heterosexual/cis privilege"

"Hypersensitive. Self-victimisation"

Offensive stereotyping

"But what about me!?"

"I'm an ally, where's my cookie?!"

"Oppression of the Genre I write is totally on par with the oppression GBLT people face"

"Lesbians in straight porn is exploitive, but my m/m, plot-less sex-fest is totally ok"

"Well I won't write ANY GBLT any more! *flounce*"

"So only elves can write fantasy then?"

“This homosexual thinks it’s stupid too so I MUST be right”

Straight person tells GBLT person what is and isn’t offensive

“GBLT people are discriminating against straights! You heterophobes!”

“ZOMG this is like apartheid or segregation or Pink Triangles in Nazi Germany”

“Well we straight people will make our OWN award and we won’t invite the gays!”

Acts like straights and GBLTs are equal in power

Comment implying being GBLT is all about who you’re having sex with

“They’re saying I can’t write!”

“They’re only doing it to spite X author!”

“You’re being intolerant of straight writers!”

“It’s sexist!”

“It’s only because you think GBLT authors aren’t as good as straight M/M authors”

Completely ignores the existence of awards for POC, Women, etc

“Pandering to minorities!”

“My rights are being violated!!! What about my rights!”

Depressingly, I'm not making any of that up. Sad isn't it?
Tags: books, faith in humanity dying!, homophobia, homosexuality, lambda awards, m/m fiction and slash
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