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Thanks for everyone who gave suggestions and double thanks to Ann Somerville: for helping put it together for my ludditeness

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Totally irreverent thought of the day: I now want to make Letter-A shaped cookies, ice them with bright pink and red stripes and hand them out as "Ally" cookies.

You are awesome, and so is this bingo card. May I link to it?

This post has been included in a Linkspam roundup.

May I randomly fangirl you from the sidelines?

Yay! *fangirls*

Wonderful work, either way. It's sad, I got the bingo twice already :(

Thank you

Me too. I need to print more off

bwahaha! ftw!
man, i wish i had this last week; i could've filled a board or two already. =p

So pefect for the situation isn't it?

I know! That's why I had to maske it - so much fail needs a card!

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