Spark_in_darkness (sparkindarkness) wrote,

There are times when “despair of humanity” doesn’t even cover it

And this is certainly one of them.

Clay Greene had lived with his partner Harold for 20 years. They were 77 and 88 respectively but, despite Harold’s frail medical condition, they still lived in their home together.

They were gay and they couldn’t marry. But they did everything it was possible to do under the law to protect their status as a couple. They did the legal paperwork, all the forms and red tape and hoop jumping. They did everything the homophobic law would allow them to do to be protected as a loving couple.

And it wasn’t enough.

Harold had a fall and had to be taken to hospital. And all that legal paperwork, all that love, those 20 years of living together was ignored.

Clay was not consulted about Harold’s care.

Clay could not see Harold in the hospital

They separated them, putting them in separate care homes

They treated Harold as someone who had no family – they went to court to try and make financial decisions on Harold’s behalf.

They called Clay Harold’s “roommate”.

They auctioned off Harold and Clay’s belongings. Sold everything the couple owned together, surrendered their home’s lease and consigned Clay to a nursing home.

Harold died in that nursing home, separated from Clay, his partner of 20 years.

I… have no words. I don’t understand how this could happen, how utterly cruel anyone could be to do this.

Tags: faith in humanity dying!, homophobia, stop the world i want to get off, that's pure evil

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