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Life threatening AIDS ignorance and homophobia together

I’ve written before on AIDS ignorance and foolishness, but it can never be said enough.

AIDS is a story of mankind’s failings. It is a story of mankind’s selfishness. It is a story of mankind’s ignorance. And it is a story of mankind’s prejudice.

AIDS is the problem it is today because it was ignored. Because people didn’t care. Because so many people assumed it couldn’t happen to them and didn’t give a damn about the people it was happening to.

And they spread their ignorance and their prejudice to this day which is why even now ignorance and bigotry surrounding AIDS is almost legendary.

This is why we must not only call out but harshly slap down ridiculous, bigoted comments and claims

It is because of homophobic bigots like Sherri Shepherd, who are so utterly blinkered by the overweening straight privilege and ignorance, that AIDS is such a problem in the world today.

Ms. Shepherd, that comment is bigoted, it’s homophobic, it’s ignorant, it’s plain wrong and it defies logic. In your desire to homophicly blame gay men for all AIDS everywhere, you are spreading an ignorance that will cost people’s lives. Your desire to scapegoat gay men for infections in the straight community will only spread the ignorance and the foolishness that already causes so many straight people to be cavalier with AIDS – but will also feed into the endless hate speech that encourages violent attacks against gay men, the constant demonisation that you are happy to parrot and add to.

Straight people need to wake up about AIDS. It is not a disease that cannot happen to you. It is not a disease that is only limited to gay men. It is NOT a disease that you can avoid if you stay away from us and don’t associate with us.

Demonising us, blaming us and even removing us from the straight population will NOT protect you from AIDS. If a straight person has AIDS that does NOT mean they’ve slept with a gay man. If a straight person has AIDS that does not mean a gay man has to be involved somewhere. Stop trying to blame us, stop trying to scapegoat us, stop trying to use us as a whipping boy. These lies, this bigotry, is costing lives – and if you don’t care about our lives lost – lives lost to hate and violence encouraged by such ignorant vileness – then look to your own, lost through ignorance and assumptions and the belief that their precious straightness makes them immune to the dreaded “gay” disease.

H/T Anti_intellect Blog

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