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Signal Boosting – a call for help in NYC

[personal profile] usullusa is going through several kinds of hell after coming out to the family. Parents have not taken it well and are making life quite intolerable. All kinds of chaos and terrible shitness abound – I am so deeply sorry for them, no-one should have to endure this rollercoaster.

As detailed here [personal profile] usullusa is looking for part time work, casual work or otherwise in the NYC area, help bring some order out of the chaos.

Too many families treat their children appallingly at a time like this, if you can help please drop a line.

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Don't know many people in NYC, but passed it on to those I do

I know some folks in the past have set up a pay pal account that people can donate to. I don't know how well you know her, but maybe you could suggest that. I certainly would be happy to send a few $s to help her out.

Eek - I'll pass the word around and ask around. I sometimes get e-mails re: part-time work and I can forward that. I'm not sure how much this person can afford but I will likely have a 2 month sublet available in the Fall (my roommate is going to be away for work), and if that doesn't work out if you get me this person's info I can shoot all my friends an e-mail to see if they are looking to fill spaces in queer inhabited apartments.

To be honest, the job situation in New York is very very tough right now, and there are less people willing to hire for odd jobs. I have *very* many unemployed friends, unfortunately. Jobs exist - but you have to work very hard at looking, and a lot of it is word of mouth (I got my current job by randomly having a cigarette with a stranger outside of a gay bars). I have seen "now hiring" signs in a lot of bakeries, grocery stores, etc., amongst them places I know for a fact are very queer friendly, but getting those jobs often requires just walking around every day and looking for signs. Craigslist is another obvious option. I'm not sure how old this person is, because the following are only hiring people with college degrees, but I have numbers for a lot of education related jobs (tutoring for rich assholes who pay like $100 an hour, a gay friend who runs an SAT prep organization, etc.). Speaking of rich people, rich people in New York are often willing to pay a lot of money for weird things, like sitting in their houses when they are away and talking to their plants, or like walking their dogs and feeding them sliced heated organic chicken by hand. I'm quite serious here - I have a friend who has actually survived for 5 years as a dog walker. I don't know what gender this person is but - um - selling panties online is one of the best money making secrets, for real, along with "Secret Shopper" organizations. Queers for Economic Justice has some resources for poor queers in NYC as well, if this person wants to check out their site.

Also, if this person is just looking for a friend, I could offer lots of that as well. I actually have one friend who was in a quite similar situation, being kicked out of his parent's house for being gay. He's 27 or 28 now, white, gay, and currently out of the country for a bit, but he's a really nice guy who won't take advantage of a younger person.


Person in question here-
That is a lot of useful information you've provided there. Do you think maybe you could share some of the details for this stuff with me via email? My email is usullusa (at) gmail (dot) com

I'm quite interested in education-type jobs. I've done tutoring in the past and it's pays wells provided I can get enough hours.

Thanks so much for the signal boost and the support. :D

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