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Media Minefield

The media has remained full of mines this week.

Being rendered rather sedentary at the moment with multiple injuries, I have burrowed through all my saved programmes for self-indulgent enjoyment. I love my crop of cheesey programmes – Lie to Me (Tim Roth? I totally would. Yes yes I would), Dalziel & Pascoe (and yes, Pascoe I would), Waking the Dead, Silent Witness (more nom nom), Inspector George Gently.

Yes I like my cheesey goodness

Cut for Spoilers for Inspector George Gently and True Blood

And this week George Gently had the inevitable gay episode – murdered gay teen, criminal father then comes and burns people’s faces with a blow torch to find out which of them turned his son into a “poof”.

*sigh* which makes it complete. Every single one of these programmes I love have had gay themed episodes that have made me hellaciously uncomfortable.

And then on to True Blood, which is also a cheesey guilty pleasure – and one I hoped we were going to see some fun gay relationships. And this episode looked promising

At last we have the ultra hot Eric having the sexing with the reasonably hot Talbot. Hmmmm sexeh! Naked and in each other’s arms, ok the kisses are a bit chaste, but still very yummy and…

GAY SEX DEATH. *sigh* Hot gay sexing, one of the participants dies. Killed by the other no less. Gay sex, violent death. *headdesk*

Look, we already had the extreme sanitisation of same-sex loving in a programme that has ZERO compulsion about the naked and humping straight sex at every turn.. We have the lesbians who have FULLY CLOTHED oral sex without even mussing their perfect make up. We have the gay vampire in bed with Jason as some kind of horror nightmare event (because he couldn’t imagine the vampire killing him, biting him or attacking him as a nightmare no – the gay man naked in bed with him!) We had the godsawful Bill/Sam scene with clear daylight between them at all times – and Sam waking as if from a nightmare (and thanking the phone for waking him) we have Russel and Talbot – a married couple yet they not only never touch there’s like 3 feet between them at all times. These guys having a romantic moment would involve them standing close enough together that iof they leaned forward and stretched out and arm they MAY be able to touch each other. Add in that Talbott is so ridiculously stereotyped to make him the clear “submissive partner” because gods forbid a gay relationship NOT have fake, exaggerated, insultingly sexist gender roles stapled to it. This is a 700 year old vampire that SQUEALS at violence and has epic temper tantrums when people muss the furnishings – and has constant emotional dramas because he feels neglected while his husband is working.  Not that Jesus (nurse) and Lafayette (drug dealing prostitute) don’t have stereotyped issues, but at least they’re a little more than their stereotypes (Lafayette also gets to play GBF to all to traumatised and distressed women around him as well).

About the only thing I am clinging to is Lafayette and Jesus – and even then the kisses are so far very chaste and in the lowest light (a trick from Brokeback Mountain that), I have hope and I’m clinging to it.

This is a programme that has everything up to full frontal nudity sex scenes – we have seen bondage sex happily humping away when it’s opposite sex sexing – and it really throws a huge contrast between how straight scenes are managed compared to the gay loving.

It’s irritating because I like this programmes and I want to gleefully keep watching, but I’m sorely tired of the television throwing sporks at me.

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Oh man! I don't watch True Blood — actually, I don't watch any series —, but I've heard of the gay sex scene... I hadn't heard it had been like that, though :(

It was sexy and hit because of the participants but sex didn't happen 9didn't get that far) and the death/possible death at the end saddens it does

I'm not entirely up to date with LJ, so I am not really sure what happened to you. Anyway, I hope you get better soon :)

Not in defense of that fuckery, but we don't actually know if Talbot is dead. We didn't see the gooey vampire explosion death thingy. We're supposed to assume he's dead, but I thought that was notable.

I don't know, it's a distinct possibility - but we did see Eric's body (that would be the sexy toned oh-so-gorgeous body. Damn libido getting in the way of my ranting) sprayed with blood, albeit not enough for a vampire 'splode. It would also be smart since Russel would be flying back with a vegeance and the chances are Eric can't take Russel down directly - hostage possibility

Of course, gay sex - threat of violence death isn't much better, but it's something :)

It's strange, but I've seen so much defense of True Blood and how amazing it is as far as LGBT characters go. I've not seen more than three episodes, so I'm not going to judge too harshly one way or the other, but it also makes me feel a little uncertain about all the people who've been recommending the show to me because of the LGBT characters.

well, it HAS LGBT characters, who are major characters and not yet dead. However, those characters are very often portrayed in extremely stereotypical ways and their sexual expression is, as sparky so rightly puts it, minimal especially when you compare it to the very graphic and sometimes violent depiction of hetero sex on the show.

Tell me about it. I don't know if you watched the BBC Sherlock mini-series. I was interested in the set up - modern day setting with Watson as an injured veteran from Afghanistan. I was all aflutter when it opened with scenes of Watson limping and using a walking stick - it's so rare that we see a character with a mobility impairment on mainstream TV (a main/regular character still rarer and a hero virtually unheardof). And then BANG! Within minutes of meeting him Sherlock diagnoses the limp as 'psychosomatic', and sure enough by the end of the episode Watson has left his stick behind and is chasing Holmes across the rooftops of London.

I wanted to throw something at the TV, I really did. OF COURSE we can't have a hero with a disability. That would just be wrong; too weird; too difficult to write. Of course we couldn't have Watson zipping past Holmes on his scooter, or Mrs Hudson installing a stairlift so that he could comfortably reach the upstairs rooms at 221b Baker Street. No, they had to 'cure' him in the first episode, because on TV the only acceptable cripple is a cured cripple.

Sorry to rant all over your journal, but you're one of the few people I know who actually GETS this stuff.

Gah that's beyond annoying. We have a disabled hero - now let's make him "not disabled" oh and DISABILITY IS ALLLLL IN YOUR BRAIn you could overcome it if you just tried! Ugh ugh ugh So we not only have no disabled person - but we have disabled person who is MAGICALLY CURED (and, added bonus, it's not even a medical cure - it just needed Watson to pull himself together, which doesn't demean disabled people at ALL. Of course you don't need accomodations, they just need to overcome it, right? Ugh ugh ughhh)

Feel free to rant any time

Edited at 2010-08-12 10:30 pm (UTC)

(Deleted comment)
because god knows straight people don't like/watch/produce porn?

Glad to see that you are 'resting', Sparky. Even if what you are watching is driving a spork into your leg.


Oral sex whilst clothed hmm? Should learn how to do that, may come in useful one day...

It would be an extremely good life skill methinks

funny my girlfriend just last night mentioned that I would have loved the episode, she didn't mention anything about blood though, not really my thing. I love the vampire biting during sex but the exploding vampire not so much! I will have to speak with her and see if this was the same episode. I am curious to know what you think of the Queer as Folk series. I really like it.

The episode was sexy and it is nice to see some gay portrayal. But the portrayal is just not free from being problematic at least

I've only seen the odd episode of Queer as Folk, I liked what i saw :)

God, I know what you mean.

And I totally agree about Lie to Me... *shifty eyes*

Aye, turning on the television can be a headache at times

Tim Roth is mine, I claim him!

Also - just to make sure, because that would be unthinkable - you haven't been missing out on Doctor Who/Torchwood, have you?

I have them on DVD rather than TV because - oh yes they rock

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