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So, the local elections
So, rather predictably, the local elections happened and the Tories were left whimpering and the Lib Dems weeping (the Lib Dems now have less councillors than they’ve ever had since their founding).

In the aftermath everyone is, of course, asking whyyyy this happened! Why oh whyyyy did the Tories and the Lib Dems get so pummelled? Well, the answer’s simple – it was THE GAYS!!!!!

Wait, what?

Yes, us gay folks. Now, personally I’d be ecstatic if I had the power to decimate the Tories and their mini-mes but, if I did have such power they’d be even more damaged than they are now so I’m personally a little doubtful. But according to Nadine Dorries, Tory MP, Cameron hater (and it depresses me that I also hate Cameron because while he deserves to be hated, it puts me in the deeply unpleasant position of agreeing with Nadine Dorries) because of the weak Tory “consultation” about marriage equality, the electorate abandoned the Tories! Yes, it’s all about us gay folks – and Lords reform! So say David Davis (who believes that marriage equality is London politics – see, gay people only live in London, y’know)

So the electorate, outraged over gay people getting equality and the House of Lords getting democracy, decided to stop voting for the Tories and vote for… Labour? A party that also supports equal marriage? And they left the Lib Dems despite them always supporting equal marriage?

No, they say, Osbourne should focus more on the economy! More Tory economy! That will please the voters – more Tory budgets, more Tory economic policy, more focus on what matters. And Osbourne seems to be buying it – promising 100% focus on the economy!

To which I wonder what they think they have been focused on? Because marriage equality and Lords reform? Have just been words. They’ve done nothing, it’s been words and window dressing

But the economy? Well there’s the last budget – with the granny tax and the pasty tax and, of course, a great big tax cut to the richest in the country. There have been brutal benefits cuts across the country that have left so many worse off. Local councils are being strangled which, in turn, means more cuts to essential services. We have the tuition fees debacle. We have VAT being raised, the most regressive tax, ensuring the biggest burden falls on the poorest (and despite supposed opposition from the Lib Dems). We have bankers – of government owned banks – being offered nearly million pound bonuses.

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I'm almost tempted to sing something called 'Same old song,' except I'm not sure a song of THAT exists...

So lovely to see another round of 'Blame it on something else, not US! Because 'we' (politicians in the house) are always right! We NEVER make mistakes! It's the 'other' peoples! They are the ones to blame for our failure!' excuse. No, the LGBT community have NOTHING to do with what happened to you! It's YOURSELVES and the way you acted and spoke! Shocking, isn't it?

These people never hear themselves, do they? I want to up the level from swinging a fish, to throwing an explosive Durian at people like them sometimes. And I do not even know why I bother listening, and rolling my eyes and brain over this typical political-stupidity crap again.

Edited at 2012-05-09 09:34 am (UTC)

Ooo durian would be a great way to deal with them (although such a waste of delicious fruit). :D

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