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 Friends of mine had dramas that needed support. Beloved had to mine through some annoyances – he didn’t need support (I admire his strength that he rarely needs support, or perhaps his low concentration span that he is easily distracted from whatever’s troubling him) but since he’s always been my foundation and anchor I insist on being there to provide the support he doesn’t actually need.

 Work has been – yeah, the usual – and sleep has rounded up the insomnia in a row. And I went to Wales to see my brother which was a necessary break, but was also tiring (and wet. Very very wet – more on this later) and infected me with the dreaded lurgy.

And I’ve been working on a post that has been dragging for a while but is damn hard to write so saps my energy and leaves me all BLARGLE without getting it finished.

 So I’ve been away for a little bit, or on shallow posting.

 I meant to come back today and start blitzing things but ran full tilt into a “gay men have a tradition and culture of preying on underage boys” and decided to step back again and instead chase out some of the alligators before leaping back into the pool.

 I’ve pruned my flist, my RSS and blocked a few people on twitter (not so much of people I was following but of people who were being retweeted by people I was following and I wanted to go without seeing them in my feeds) and blocked a few IPS on sparkindarkness and a few other places. If I drop off the map somewhere I was previously present, it’s because I’ve left.

 It feels rather refreshing. I try to do a good clean out at least once every three months, I’m overdue.

 I will be getting to my now much shorter backlog shortly.

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*hugs* do whatever you need to.

It's good to have a clearer, safer space

(Deleted comment)
I'm cleared out so I now have a much safer place in my commonly reached web places are much easier

Have a good relax bb! You need it!

It's cold and rainy today so I'm making creamy pumpkin and bacon soup. Envy me.

Hmmm bacon....

ewwwww pumpkin...

I am conflicted

It's all in the seasonings. Ididn't think my husband would eat it but he did. The creamy comes from some mashed potato and it's spicy. I put garam masala in as well to compliment the pumpkin. It did not suck.

I shall have to give it a go - and it's a good way to use pumpkin rather than covering it in sugar

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