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Livejournal explain this fuckery please
WHY is my friend's page scrolling right to left?!

Bad enough they're trying to tumblrise things

*switches back to old version* why do I think the "new versions" will become compulsory soon?

Great not fixed friend's page. because i love trying to read entries as they disappear off the screen and get oceans of white space because a post at the top of the page is longer.

I hate technology

ETA: It appears it may be down to an unclosed marquee tab on my flist - which is weird that one person's unclosed HTML can cause the whole page to go haywire?

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(Deleted comment)
I believe it may be due to someone on my flist not closing their Marquee tab

That may have been me. I apologize; I deleted the entry in question as soon as I realized the problem.

And before I could comment :) So i'll wish you happy birthday here :)

Why, thank you, you forgiving soul :)

What is a marquee tab? *has not even remotely considered saying yes to the new flist page*

Also, if you dislike the new friends page, maybe I can point out that the new comments form reallyreally sucks, and I hate having to use it?

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