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Yet More Appropriation around "Out"


In addition to being an extremely offensive book in its own right, there’s also some really offensive things that come with Out in addition to its homophobic content. And I’m not just talking the author and her “this is not how it’s intended!” excuse (Bingo! I got Bingo!)

See, it’s not only appropriative homophobic bigotry that would make the FRC salivate, but the way Preble is trying to sell this book just makes it worse

 She cannot talk about this book without talking about GSAs and PFLAG. When she launches her sales pitch for this book, this straight woman grabs our fight for equality to piggy back attention for her book. She’s not just appropriating the victimisation of gay people in her book and casting us as villains, but she’s constantly using the reality of anti-gay oppression and the gay rights movement as a tool in her marketing; which is especially damaging when you consider both the homophobia of the book and that it’s presented as YA – Young Adult. Others have already said how terrible that can be (most certainly do read the comments).

 In response to criticism from GBLTQ people about her homophobia she has not only waved PFLAG and GSA around like a banner, but also been quick to hide behind her gay friends and family.

 She isn’t the first straight person to feel they can profit – through attention or money, or otherwise benefit – from the struggles of GBLTQ people, not even remotely, but it doesn’t make it even slightly palatable. Our rights and struggle for human decency are not marketing tools so you can increase your profile and/or your bank balance. Our battle for equality isn’t something you can just take and use to shill books; show a crumb of respect for the struggle you’re supposed to care so much about  rather than use it for a platform from which you can announce to the world how wonderful you are (and hopefully sell shit in the process).

 I’ve already spoken about the whole “I have gay friends/relatives/etc etc” excuse which I’m sure we’ve all heard so often before.

 And you’ve got to love the Goodreads’s ratings. Several brand new accounts are created to give Out 5 stars. That’s all they’ve read – not one other book on their profile, but Out? 5 stars. Oh then there’s 2 more that decide they’re going to read classics – maybe 2 or 3 like Animal Farm and the Great Gatsby – Then give Out a huge rating. Because y’know, I’m sure that describes many reading lists: Animal Farm, Great Gatsby, Out. Yes yes it does and totally is not fake or a random friend or family member.

 Of course, extra bonus points for countering criticism of homophobia by having one of the brand-new-with-no-other-books-but-totally-real-accounts-honest have a NOH8 picture in their profile. Well, it’s not like appropriation bothers these people is it?

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It had to be seen to see just how awful it was. The answer? EVERY BIT AS VILE AS I IMAGINED. Victoria Foyt, you have competition!

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Thanks for the thought :) Anger is a wonderful shield for me and has got me through this as well as sheer levels of disgust. I kept several "saving for a special treat" books afterwards and had some isolation days - wonderful shields for me

If I had the money, I would send you a mecha to destroy this atrocity and relieve you of the painful headache from what you read.

Just... Oh wow... seeing the author herself come in to express her denial there and everything, is really ridiculous and appalling that no amount of words can describe it, except for curse words and painful headdesk-ing from seeing that.

I want a fool splatting mecha.

The author (who loves PFLAG and GSAs y'know, as she mentions, ALL THE DAMN TIME) it's a classic example of not getting it and being too arrogant ever to do so

I was VERY tempted to call her out, and deliver a beat down on that site, but knowing how heated and aggressive I get, I refrained (yet again...).
Then again, there really is no getting through to that person, is there? Judging from what I have heard of people that have tried.

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I just wanted to come by and offer hugs - I read this when you first posted it, but didn't comment. I'm as disgusted now as I was then, :(.

*hugs* aren't much, but in the face of shit like this, I feel like a cuddle is the best thing against the evil...

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