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Marriage Equality Passed!
I am away from home for a few days and am struggling to type this on my tablet, but I had to celebrate  

Marriage equality has passed the first hurdle. The law passed in the commons! Yes it was expected but still I cheer and I was worried.  

When I am home I will do more analysis including who voted for, who against and who weaseled out fo it like the cowardly snakes they are. But already I can see a stink about the size of the Tory rebellion.  

Now we have to see what the lords have in store. This will be harder but we will win this

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You will absolutely WIN THIS, good sir!

Re. Who voted which way, compiled a list of the out-and-out bigots and the cowards over on Facebook (think it's flocked, but I have you on there so shouldn't matter)


And assume I have appropriate emoticons for throwing confetti and stuff.

Watched the whole debate, Am so, so, proud right now!!!! But on a downer 4 Lib Dems voted against including Sarah Teather

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And there was much rejoicing!

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