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What have you done?! WHYYYYY?

Bad Journal! Bad! No cookies!

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Is this about the godawful layout? Because if it is I have to concur.

I didn't see the travesty that they call "improvements" until I went to read the comments on this post (I use a customized theme). It is HORRID. I do NOT like it, and there does not appear to be an option to go back to the old version (a friend did get that option when they logged in).

There's an invisible button to switch back to the old layout.

Thanks to seawasp for finding this!

Bless you! People kept telling me to click on the speech bubble, and I kept looking and not finding one!

Bless you! I didn't know about the layout change until I clicked the button to look at the comments to this post. It's just ugly and not as user friendly! Why would they do this!? I know that change is rarely, if ever, met with joy but that change really was a bad.

That "invisible button" makes everything right again! I can wipe the foam from my mouth and return to my happy place. :)

It offered me a chance to go back to the old layout as soon as I opened my home page, before I ever even saw what it looked like. I clickied the button immediately, of course. No LJ change is ever anything good.

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