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Bigger Labels Are Needed
*After some commotion*

Beloved: *hurrying in* what happened?

Sparky: Nothing... *irritated voice*

Beloved: yeah... loud swearing in the bathroom is generally bad

Sparky: I'm shaving.

Beloved: *checks the scene* hey, this foaming bleach bathroom cleaner tin is the same size as your shave foam tin!

Sparky: I noticed...

Beloved: I bet that's an awful thing to smear on your face.

Sparky:... yes...

Of course, Beloved is smug because he thinks this proves him right about my not wearing my glasses when I shave (hot water = steam = useless glasses ANYWAY and I don't wear sideburns so shaving the sides of my face while wearing glasses is impossible and annoying). Though his previous arguments were that I would cut my throat which would a) be an impressive feat even as my razor seems to grow an extra blade every time I blink and b) means Beloved apparently doesn't know where his face is unless he can see it in a mirror. Of course, this may be due to his inexperience of actually SHAVING since you can hardly call the removal of patchy, downy fuzz "shaving", right?

Personally I think this is proof of the chaos Beloved causes when he creatively hides things (which he calls "putting things away")

Clearly I am right.

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Oh, no! Beloved is one of those people. I swear if I have to deal with one more reorganization of my shit... I'ma start yelling obscenities. Last time someone "cleaned things up" and "organized my things," (Monday) do you know what they organized? The sheet for the prescriptions for my psych meds. They left the "Next Appointment Reminder," the "Reminder To Come In And Get Blood Drawn," and the "Reminder To Contact My Social Worker Because She Was Out Sick That Day" papers. There were 3 of them. 1 for each thing. All 3 of them were on top of and completely covering the prescription sheet. They left all the reminders where they were because it's not like those should be organized a put in a place where they're easily accessible. Yeah, those should just stay in a pile on the other side of the room. Why did they leave these 3 on top and "organize" the 1 prescription sheet from my psychiatrist? Because they didn't know what it was so that thought it wasn't important.

1. If you don't know what it is, then don't touch it. Just because you don't know what it is by quickly glancing at it does not mean that I don't know what it is and if it is or isn't important.
2. If you're going to "organize" my room while I'm out of the house without telling me that you plan on doing it before I leave (so you just decided to ninja organize my shit while I was out), what makes you think it's okay to put a piece of paper that you don't know if it's important or not at the bottom of my winter sleep pants drawer? Why would I even think to look there?

Why? Can you please tell me why my private space that you don't come into needs you to "organize it" for me so it'll be "easier for to find things when I need it."? I know where everything I need is right now. Everything that I need is within arms reach of this chair, except my stapler. Where's my stapler?

Just trying to help? Next time you get the urge to help me, ask me if I want the help. Otherwise you're not helping me, you're doing something you want to do, and you hope that the stuff you "organized" won't be missed. Since we're on the subject... I am 4 yards from my closet door at my computer desk. Why is the best place for the stapler in the closet that is 4 yards away from me, and not... I don't know... anywhere on my desk?

Let me tell you why you did that. You wanted to store some of your shit on my desk shelves and the stapler was in your way so you moved it to the closet. What is this? Why in the blue hell is there a big ass nativity scene on my desk shelves where my stapler could easily fit with room for many other things I don't know you've "organized" to a better spot somewhere else, yet? I am not Christian (no hate meant, you do your holidays and I'll do mine) and I do not want this on my desk. Please take it and put it somewhere that you can enjoy it.

You don't have anywhere else to put it and you want it to be out so it can be enjoyed? I'm the only one who's going to see it on any regular basis and it does not bring me joy. It just makes me feel like an ignored, oppressed minority. You know what else that says to me? You have too many damn nativity scenes and that you should retire a few of them. Jesus lived in poverty. You can certainly cut back a little. I can live without all this crap that's cluttering up every damn room in the house. I stay in my room as much as I do so I'm not assaulted by random tiny lit up plastic Christmas tress, your Old World Style Wooden Santa Collection, the 8 nativity scenes in the living room alone, and a whole host of other shit that moves around and makes noise.

You know, I get that you love Christmas and the holidays it brings you so much joy. I really do understand that and I'm happy for you. However, at what point does my unhappiness about all this clutter get factored into the equation? Why do I have to be unhappy so you can be happy? Why is your happiness inherently worth more than mine? Because you only care about your happiness and not anyone else's? You have the rest of the damn house. Leave my bedroom alone.

I think I have successfully found my ticket out of Christmas Eve Dinner this year.

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