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Civil Partnership Conversion
It's now legal, it can now happen.

We haven't planned on a date to do it - we were tempted to make sure we got in asap, but it felt like jinxing it - like if we made plans then we were just asking the powers that be to knock us back. Planning seemed too hopeful and I'm leery of hope

But it's here, the law has changed, it is in reach and we have so many decisions to make - on when and exactly what we will do to commemorate this - whether to go full on ceremony (and if so, does that remove the ceremony we had? Do we have two? Which one should we count for any kind of officialdom? All these little questions and poking we have to work through caused by the confusion of the broken laws)

The law has change and it's going to happen - and I don't think that will sink in until I have the paperwork in hand.

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A pre-emptive best to you both!

Your prissy ass homophobic relatives are gonna be upset. Nice Yule gift for them.

Is it too early for a celebratory drink?

Whatever you decide, this time it will be fully your choice, that's what matters. I'm happy for both of you:)

I have friends who decided to do it on the same date as their Civil Partnership, as a way of joining both.

"Congratulations" feels a little weak, somehow, for what's a milestone in a long fight. But all the same. Congratulations, and I celebrate the incipient paperwork with all it represents.

Celebrate both dates. And the date you would have made it legal if you could have done. After all, the more cake the better, right?

Seriously, I hope you have the celebration exactly as you want it.

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I'm happy you and Beloved are going forward with this. I say, have a huge party, invite all your friends (and those of your families that deserve to share the day with you), and find someone who's licensed to officiate. Poke another friend into getting all the work done to be able to officiate, so you won't have to battle hypocritical clergy.

Whatever you decide, I hope it's wonderful and you both enjoy the hell out of it. With cake.

I am so happy for you!

This is wonderful news.

I agree with the celebrate both idea. Both these dates matter and it means more cake/booze

Enjoy the hell out of this...just be happy (and celebrate both!!!)

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