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Goodbye Sir Terry
There was a time in my life where escapsim was all that made it endurable. And Discworld was always my first escape, my life raft, my sanctuary. I've read those books so often I could shuffle them

Thank you for that gift, Terry Pratchett; you will be missed more than you can ever know

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I could have written those words myself, Sparky. I wonder for how many people that holds true? The outpouring of grief on FB, even though we knew this end was coming, reminds me of how many people his words have touched.

He held up both candle and flamethrower... with words, humour, and needle-sharp satire, he held our actions up to the Discworld mirror and reminded us that we are human. We falter, we flounder, and we strive. And that there is nobility in this... and that our choices matter, both in the immediate sense, and in the long run.

So many. He's a man who could have literally claimed to have lightened the lives - and even saved - millions of people. The world is a much poorer one today

I've read perhaps half a dozen Discworld novels (and, of course, Good Omens); I may have a Reading Project for this year now.

It's one of the few book series that starts good and just gets better with each new book - which makes his loss just that much more tragic.

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