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Spark In Darkness

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4 October 1981
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  • sparkindarkness@livejournal.com
Ok this is changing because this journal has exploded

Since I'm disorganised, most of my journals have ended up becoming this journal. Here is my comments on life, the universe and everything - lots of rants and musings interspaced with my random fiction that I update sporadically at best and tend to get distracted on.

I'm a gay lawyer with a strong interest in politics, books and certain addictive online games. I talk about all of these things at length (actually I talk about everything at length. If you're looking for brevity here is not the place to be). If you object, well, feel free. I could always use a giggle :)

Friends are often friended back if I notice I've been friended (no guarantee). Play nice :)

Much of what is here is continued on my blog www.sparkindarkness.com but indications at least will appear here

I'm on Twitter as Sparkyu1 Expect me to forget about it for weeks then spam like crazy

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